I’ve Always Been an Outfit Repeater—These Are 5 Styling Tips I Swear By

Source: Janelle Marie Lloyd
Source: Janelle Marie Lloyd

Even though I’m a self-proclaimed fashion girlie, outfit repeating is where I flourish. I know, I know—how dare I welcome myself in the fashion club while having the audacity to walk out the door in the same outfit I wore just last week? But hear me out: Sometimes the thrill of putting an outfit together isn’t necessarily in donning new garments, but in challenging unique style touches that give the illusion of wearing something completely new and fresh. 

It’s not just in layering or mixing and matching basic pieces (though that approach will never lead you astray), but going for unconventional styling hacks that will soon have you deemed as a master styler. From inspiration I’ve gathered from runways and the streets to outfits born out of my pure curiosity, I’ve tested out many styling tricks and hacks to add a forward touch to repeated outfits. But there are five styling tips I find myself returning to over and over again, elevating every look from “meh” to asking my friends to take an outfit picture of me.

1. Drape your sweater

When in doubt, go for a draped knitwear moment. As much as we love the rib-knit sweater and jeans combo, it’s always a good time when you play around with styling to switch it up. Enter: the draped sweater hack. The older sister to the “tie your sweater around the waist” trick, draping a sweater around the shoulders gives off major off-duty French girl vibes. Not to mention it’s a hack as practical as it is stylish for fall days where the weather is chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon.

2. Add an unexpected pop of color

A super easy styling trick to get away with wearing the same outfit without notice is by throwing in a surprise pop of color. As someone who has a tendency to wear all black nearly every day, I like to show my playful side with a bold-hued tote bag. Of course, the colorful element can be incorporated in numerous other ways: shoes, gloves, scarves, and socks are also tried and true options.

3. Go for a statement belt

Never underestimate the power of a trusty belt. For repeat blazer days, layering a belt on top to cinch the waist can transform the look to new heights with minimal effort. Or you can layer a belt underneath your outerwear, placed atop a turtleneck or button down. For a fashion-forward twist, double and triple-layered belts never fail to be a conversation starter.

4. Wear sheer tights

Adding sheer tights is a style hack most of us are already aware of, but it’s a go-to for a reason. While most of us tend to immediately think of sheer tights only being appropriate to wear under short dresses and skirts, there’s more than enough room to push your creative boundaries. It’s more than suitable to wear sheer tights under shorts and maxi dresses, or even with your favorite pair of jeans. If you’re really committed, you can take it a step further color matching the tights with the rest of your outfit for a monochromatic opaque moment.

5. Tuck wider-leg pants into boots

I know, at first glance it sounds ridiculous—maybe even a little taboo. But trust me, the trick of tucking your pants into your boots is like giving your outfit a complete 180. And I’m not talking about straight-leg or skinny jeans (though the same hack applies to those too). Tucking wide-leg pants into the shaft of your boots doesn’t look nearly as off-putting as you may think; in fact, I find myself getting more compliments than usual whenever I apply the style trick to my outfit for the day.