Why You Should Be Having More Period Sex—Yes, Really

Our hormones run rampant when we’re on our periods. So, it’s no surprise the one time of the month we can’t have sex it’s the number one thing we want. We get it: period sex seems uncomfortable, awkward, and messy. It’s no surprise people are afraid of it. 

According to the Flex Company (who we featured on The Everygirl — everything comes full circle, y’all), women are on their period approximately 2,280 days in their lifetime, meaning you’re missing out on six full years of sex. SIX YEARS. That’s more than the lifespan of your childhood turtle, gerbil, hamster, and hermit crab combined. If you’re trying to up your sex game (aren’t we all?), having sex every week of the month is a good start. 

There are so many reasons we need to start having period sex (everyone! have! period! sex!) and precautions you need to take to make it as successful as possible.


Why you should try it…


It’s not weird

How many times has your partner asked you about having sex and you reply, “I can’t, I’m on my period”? It’s something we all say, but we rarely discuss the why. Sometime, somehow, someone told us all that we can’t have sex on our periods because it’s gross. I’m here to say your body isn’t gross, and period sex is totally normal. If you take some necessary precautions, period sex might be the best sex of your life. Let go of the stereotypes. 


Better sex

Some people say they have the best sex when they’re on their periods. Because our hormones are going crazy, it’s easier to orgasm, and our libido is higher. Period sex might just be the best sex you’ve had in a while


It helps cramps 

When you’re having sex, the muscles of your uterus contract and release. This can help relieve the feelings of cramps and prevent them from coming on.


It can shorten your period

For the same reason period sex can help cramps, it also can shorten your period a couple of days. What else do I need to say to convince you?


How to do it…


Talk about it with your partner

You’d be surprised to hear just how few people out there actually think it’s gross. Especially if you’re using condoms (which you always should be), there isn’t much to be nervous about. Talk to your partner about your own insecurities and fears — they’ll be there for comfort you and talk it out. You never want to go into it without any planning, especially the first time, so never go into the act without letting them know what’s up first.

If your partner does think it’s gross, we’re here to say it’s OK to kick them to the curb. Our bodies are not gross. 


Remove your tampon

If you’re wearing a tampon, make sure to remove it before you have sex. 


Put down a towel 

You can’t be too sure, and you’ve gotta protect those precious sheets! 


Try shower sex 

If period sex in your typical location feels uncomfortable, you can always give shower sex a try. Doggy style is the easiest position to make sure you don’t slip and die while in the shower (because how do the movies make it look so easy!?). This is another fun way to spice up your sex life all while you’re just trying to get through Shark Week. 


Pay attention to positions

You’ll notice that certain positions might feel uncomfortable or make you bleed a little more than usual. Missionary, traditional doggy style, laying on your side, and anything that keeps your body horizontal (legs over the shoulders, etc.) will help keep you from getting blood everywhere and aren’t too over-the-top to cause discomfort. Try a few things, and see what works best for you.


Use protection

Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant or can’t catch STIs. It is still important to use birth control as well as condoms, or whatever protection methods you use.


Try a menstrual disc

FLEX (I told you, we love them) has a menstrual disc (similar to a menstrual cup) that can be used during period sex to help prevent any bleeding. 


Can you have oral sex?

Oral sex is definitely not off-limits when on your period, but it can be a little uncomfortable. Your vagina may have a more metallic taste, and it might smell a little different than normal. If you and your partner are A-OK with it, then you should be good to go.