The 15 Bold Pieces on Our Fashion Editor’s Spring Wishlist

quiet luxury who?

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Bold pieces over quiet luxury"
Bold pieces over quiet luxury
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

As a Fashion Editor, I’ve never exactly identified as a fashion minimalist. Sure, I know what I like to wear, and many of those outfits consist of basics I style over and over; but overall, the pieces that make my heart sing are the ones that pack a major punch.

When quiet luxury took over the fashion ether last year, I understood; understated, minimalistic pieces will never go out of style, so investing in them ensures that you’ll get a cost-per-wear that just justifies their price tag. But a year after Gwyneth Paltrow sparked “quiet luxury” headlines during her IRL courtroom drama while wearing shades of cream and beige, my color-loving heart is ready to embrace the bold again.

As we welcome the first days of spring and the sun shines over Chicago again, I’m ready to put my black wool coat away and head into spring and summer wearing daring, colorful pieces that prioritize fun over all else. These are the 15 bold pieces that are currently on my wishlist.

Relaxed Cocktail T-Shirt

Especially in the warmer months, there’s nothing I appreciate having in my wardrobe as much as a graphic tee. On super hot days where I’m working from a coffee shop, I love to throw one on with jean shorts and call it a day. I’ve had a Ganni graphic tee on my most-wanted list for a while now, but this martini-and-oyster one might finally make me bite the bullet.

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Lisa Says Gah
Graphic Button Down

I’m a believer that clothes should spark joy, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a piece that sparks joy quite as much as this button-down does. Sardines, baguettes, wine, tomatoes—it’s summertime on a shirt. The only downside is I know I’d have to fend off compliments all day every time I wear it.

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Lace Vest

I’m always on the hunt for tops that are special enough to make jeans or my linen trousers feel a bit more exciting, and this top fits the bill. I can’t stop imagining it with a bralette underneath while drinking an Aperol spritz on a patio this summer.

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Poplin Wide Leg Pants

After seeing @mademoisellesoph‘s recent look du jour (IYKYK) that featured striped cotton trousers paired with a more structured, preppy jacket, I’ve been fantasizing about recreating it. I’ve been on the hunt for similar pants for a while now, but have struggled because so many of them are so wide (and might veer too much in the pajama realm). These, however, are absolute perfection, and I’ll be wearing them all summer long.

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Foldover Waist Wide-Leg Jeans

Spring and summer dressing is all about simplicity, and on some days, jeans and a tank is the only outfit I’m interested in wearing. The key to making it exciting? An out-of-the-box pair of jeans like this fold-over pair from Madewell.

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Farm Rio
Floral Cut-Out Dress

I saw this dress for the first time back in January and it’s been living in my mind rent-free since. I couldn’t dream up a more beautiful dress, and I know I’d wear it on my upcoming trips and nights out in Chicago on repeat. It feels like one of those *special* pieces that I’ll appreciate every single time I put on (which will be extremely often).

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Free People
Floral Midi Dress

I cannot tell a lie, and I must confess: Since compiling this wishlist, I did in fact acquire this dress, and it’s even more beautiful than it looks online. Not only does the bodice make the fit extra flattering, but the cotton material means that I can throw it on with strappy sandals and call it a day for events out this summer.

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Beaded Bag

OK, I know! Every season I seem to have a new Staud Beaded Tommy that I say I cannot live without, but I actually cannot live without this one. I have never seen something so cheeky and utterly irresistible in my 27 years on this planet. It’s sold out everywhere, but I did find it here, and I fear I need to order it before it’s too late and I regret missing out on it for the rest of my breathing days.

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Miu Miu
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

I am a sunglasses fiend, and I generally treat myself to a new pair every year. I like to mull and pine over this decision for a while, and I’ve known for about six months that this year’s are going to be these. The oval shape of these combined with the yellow-orange lens makes them different enough to feel special, but they’re still wearable enough to reach for every day.

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Sequin NYC
Rainbow Choker

If there’s one thing I wish I owned sooner, it’s more colorful jewelry. Amidst my sea of gold and silver necklaces, I only recently started adding colorful pieces to my stacks, and this was a major miss on my end. This beaded necklace will add a little bit of *spice* to my spring and summer jewelry situation, and the baroque pearl in the center has separated it out from all its competitors.

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New Balance
1906 Sneakers

Unfortunately, the limit to the amount of sneakers I own simply doesn’t exist. I am a sneaker girl through and through, and the more fun and colorful they are, the better. I want these pastel new balances to live on my feet full-time from now through September.

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Cult Gaia
Metallic Sandals

I have many weddings this year, and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels to pair with the dresses I own—and these are them. I’m obsessed with silver shoes (I love their ability to make any outfit feel a little cooler while remaining neutral), and this pair’s sculptural heel makes them the statement shoes I’ve been missing all my life.

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Jeffrey Campbell
Ballerina Flats

If you haven’t heard, butter yellow is set to be this spring’s new neutral, and I can’t imagine a better way to incorporate it into my wardrobe than with these sweet, versatile Mary Janes.

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Bibi Lou
Cutout Sandals

I love a pair of slide sandals that I can leave at my door, slip on, and run out in, and I promised myself I’d get a colorful pair to add to my collection of neutral ones this year. I’ve loved the style of these sandals for years, but this beautiful, icy blue shade has finally convinced me that I need to have them.

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