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The Best Plus-Size Matching Sets on the Internet RN

written by MAYA G. PETE

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Sometimes advice comes in unexpected forms, and one of my favorite pieces of it came from the 2011 version of Footloose (yes, really). Ariel, played by Julianne Hough, is getting ready for a dance, and her mom tells her that “simple elegance is something to strive for.” It’s always stuck with me and is something I try to incorporate into my outfits constantly. I’ve figured out a few go-to outfit formulas that I feel fit the bill, and as of late, that almost always includes a matching set.

But as we’ve discussed time and time again, finding incredible plus-size pieces isn’t always easy, so when we do, we love to shout it from the rooftops. Matching sets come in countless different cuts and fits—long pants and a tank top, shorts and a long sleeve, you name it—which means there’s something out there for absolutely everyone.

Another plus of a good matching set? They’re almost always uber-comfortable (we’re talking pajama-level cozy), which makes us gravitate toward them even more. Looking good doesn’t need to equate to spending a ton of time putting together an outfit, and mastering effortless style is easy with the help of an arsenal of a few good matching sets. Ready for your new summer uniform? These are the best plus-size matching sets for any and every occasion:


For your day (or night) out



For lounging



Cotton Rib Bodysuit

8 colors available


Cotton Rib Boxer

8 colors available


For your workout


Girlfriend Collective

Long-Line Sports Bra

10+ colors available

Girlfriend Collective

High-Rise Bike Short

7 colors available