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Want To Get Your Career and Finances in Order? Add These Podcasts by POC to Your Queue ASAP

written by BLAIR A. BEDFORD

The pandemic has really shaped how we all view our financial lives. When I first revamped what my financial journey looked like due to the pandemic, I looked for every resource I could find that could relate to me as a woman of color trying to maintain my budget while focusing on generational wealth. From the pay gap women of color still face to an inflated economy with rising prices, I knew my journey to better financial wellness would be challenging, but the wealth of information from many career and finance podcasts out there created for and hosted by people of color gave me hope.

People of color are showing up in the financial space more than ever before, giving tips and advice on how to achieve the American Dream of financial freedom, something that hasn’t been easily attainable due to the growing racial wealth gap keeping people of color from achieving wealth. In data compiled from the 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances, although people of color are experiencing record growth in median wealth, they are still far behind their white counterparts due to the substantial gap in wealth already created between the races.

Whether you are looking to invest for your first time, enhance your side hustle or just hoping to get advice on ways to budget your money better, here are a few career and finance podcasts created and hosted by people of color that will help you pave the way for a better financial future.


The Clever Girls Know Podcast

As one of the most popular podcasts in the world of finance, The Clever Girls Know podcast is an honest look into women and their finances at all stages, from learning how to prioritize debt and budgeting to creating portfolios of wealth out of poverty. It breaks down every part of the journey to financial freedom and peace and the mental shifts to make to help achieve your goals.

The highlight of The Clever Girls Know podcast is the creator and host herself, Bola Sokunbi, who has been featured in Fortune, The New York Times and more as a best-selling author, Certified Financial Education instructor and CEO of the popular Clever Girl Finance brand. Her transparency on the Clever Girls Know podcast has made the platform a major success, as she shares her financial journey and the journey of her guests that helps motivate and encourage women on every step of their personal journeys.


Earn Your Leisure

Education is the name of the game on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, hosted by Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings. Their popular podcast focuses on educating listeners on trends in the financial world and stock market, entrepreneurship, investment strategies and more, helping others make informed decisions about how to invest and enhance their financial knowledge.

The biggest takeaways from the Earn Your Leisure podcast that makes the show such a success are the insights into the stock market and business of investing, as hosts Rashad and Troy dig deep into how to invest in the stock market with their own personal experiences, shouldered by popular financial experts as guests. With snackable episodes throughout called “Cliff Notes” and content that goes deep into the minds of their guests called “Study Hall,” Earn Your Leisure podcast is relatable, approachable and easy-to-follow. Earn Your Leisure also breaks down the fundamentals on NFTs, the metaverse, cryptocurrency and more, all with a smart teacher, smarter student approach, ensuring their listeners are well-versed on the financial market to better boost their portfolios.


Side Hustle Pro

Looking to scale your side hustle into something profitable and self-sustaining? The Side Hustle Pro podcast by Nicaila Matthews Okome is a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to invest in themselves. Nicaila Matthews Okome helps listeners turn their passions into profit, with over 250+ episodes and counting.

The Side Hustle Pro podcast is an intimate look into Nicaila’s “playbook” on the art of the side hustle with her notable guests, as they discuss the process of creating multiple streams of income using your skills and passion. Nicaila of Side Hustle Pro has also expanded her brand as a coach, offering online courses from her side hustle pro bootcamp to podcasting 101 and how you can start your own podcast successfully yourself.


Journey to Launch Podcast with Jamila Souffrant

If you’re looking for a podcast that can take you through the journey to financial freedom step-by-step, the Journey to Launch podcast with Jamila Souffrant is a good place to start. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), money coach Jamila Souffrant uses her platform to help listeners on the road to financial freedom by building wealth, tackling debt, and stepping into their power as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Her avid listeners, called “Journeyers,” follow along weekly, as she shares her professional advice on money management and success, alongside her guest interviews with other financial experts in many fields, ranging from real estate to creative entrepreneurs. This is a great podcast to dive deeper into not only financial freedom and how to achieve it, but also explores the ins and outs of up-and-coming investing opportunities like cryptocurrency.


Brown Ambition

Hosted by two women of color and financial experts Mandi Woodruff and “The Budgetnista” herself, Tiffany Aliche, the Brown Ambition podcast teaches how to build wealth unapologetically. Featured and recognized by TIME, Fast Company, Yahoo! Finance and others, the Brown Ambition podcast has grown into one of the leading financial literacy podcasts out there, not only for Black women, but for any listener looking to save more, start investing and make smart decisions about their careers.

With a wealth of knowledge and recognition in the financial industry, Mani and Tiffany’s Brown Ambition podcast does not disappoint. Their guests and topics range widely from debt management to how to negotiate at work for pay increase, and everything in between. The beauty of this podcast is that it explores not only personal finance, but overall personal wellness and health as a mother, wife, business manager and the many roles women juggle on an everyday basis. The Brown Ambition podcast leaves no stone unturned, giving timely advice on a variety of topics that can help create and build wealth unapologetically as an ambitious woman.


Rich by Intention

After paying off almost $460,000 of debt as a couple, hosts Anjie and RJ created The Rich by Intention podcast in 2021, a weekly podcast focused on telling the stories of young and ambitious couples and singles and their journeys of getting out of debt and building wealth. Their podcast helps empower listeners to build a better financial future by using discipline, teamwork, and intention to control their finances. This award-winning podcast is an easy listen, with new topics and interviews every Tuesday ranging from becoming debt free and retiring early to building a million-dollar business and real estate investing.

Hosts and couple Anjie and RJ specifically focus on couples looking to build a healthy financial future together, giving advice on how to have the hard conversations around money with your partner, a major factor in why many couples get divorced. Disagreements over money contributed to 41% of Gen Xers and 29% of millennial reasons to divorce, according to a study done by financial firm TD Ameritrade.