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8 Quickie Sex Positions That Are Actually Satisfying

written by TIERRA HARRIS
sex positions"
sex positions
Source: @channnsy | Pexels
Source: @channnsy | Pexels

We’ve all been there before. Your partner’s wearing those pants that hug them just right, and they’re giving you the sexy eyes that are hard to resist. The dynamic between you is getting steamy, and it couldn’t be any better. But then you realize that you have less than 20 minutes before you have to leave the house. So, quickie sex it is. Unfortunately, quickie sex leaves most women unsatisfied. Women take anywhere from 14-20 minutes with direct, gentle stimulation to the clitoris (by hand, sex toy, or tongue) to reach an orgasm. When time is against you, it’s nearly impossible to find the sex positions that will get the job done right, which is precisely why quickies get a bad rep.

But we’re here to let you in on a little secret: A quickie doesn’t have to be more sexually frustrating than satisfying. In fact, with the right sex positions, they could start to be your favorite sexy and impromptu way to connect with your partner and achieve the big O. Ahead, we’re sharing eight quickie sex positions to try the next time you and your partner are eying each other up but only have a short amount of time to spare.

1. Standing Pretzel

Quickie sex positions like the standing pretzel will surely change your mind about quickies going forward. Start with a sturdy base (be careful if you’re in the shower!), hold one or both legs up, and wrap around your partner however you’d like. Experiment by adjusting your legs to find out what gives the best penetration. If you maintain eye contact, this position is great for fostering early-morning intimacy with your partner, which is a total bonus.

2. The Ankle Choker

Looking for a good stretch and some energy? You’ve come to the right place. If you have a vulva, lay on your back and have your partner get on their knees. While they lift you up, wrap your ankles around their head. The rest is all about finding a speed and rhythm that’ll help you both cross the finish line before time runs out. 

This is a great position for couples who both enjoy being dominant. They can lift or drop your hips any way they want, and you can tighten your ankle grip to give direction. 

3. Soap ‘n Grope

Shower sex is a favorite for quickies, especially in the morning before you have to run off to work, and this shower sex quickie position is great for the penetrating partner to explore. If you’re operating as a bottom, lay yourself (comfortably!) up against a shower wall and arch your back for ideal penetration. Both parties can heighten this position with lots of hands-on play, gripping, and grabbing.

Make this one mysterious by covering your body in bubbles and beckoning your lover into the shower. A bit of teasing is never a bad idea. And don’t forget a removable shower head and shower-friendly lube can be great additions to some shower playtime.

4. Wordless Wake-Up

If you’re in the mood for a bit of giving, oral is always a great idea. Without a word, use your mouth and hands to massage your partner’s lower legs, thighs, and genitals (with consent, of course) with your hands and tongue. Either keep up until they orgasm or segue into your favorite cowgirl position, guiding their hands to do exactly what you need.

5. Livin’ On The Edge

I know what you’re thinking. Another shower sex position? But hear me out—this is bathtub sex, and it’s an open door to so many different positions. All you need is a regular bathtub and two (or more) horny individuals. Have the penetrating partner balance on the edge of the tub and plant their feet while the receiving partner sits on their lap.

This position is definitely a test of your thigh strength, but it’s well worth it. This is a great position for the receiving partner to be in complete control to create their own rhythm and speed. Grind back and forth. Slowly bounce up and down. Do a little twerk. It’s completely up to you to make this position your own!

6. Happy Scissors

sex positions

A great stretch and loads of penetration? It’s the perfect quickie sex savior. The receiving partner can start by laying down on a flat surface (a bed, floor, or countertop) and spreading their legs as far as they can to mimic a pair of scissors. Then, the penetrating partner holds their legs and gets to work.

Besides providing complete access to the erogenous zones, it’s also a great position to add in nipple play, neck touching, and good old-fashioned kisses.

7. Hands Behind Ankles

sex positions

You’ll definitely be able to skip your yoga and pilates classes after this one. With careful maneuvering, the penetrating partner gets behind the receiving one, who then pulls their legs into a back stretch of the century (go as far as you can!). Ideal for dirty talk, this position is sure to provide great anal or vaginal penetration. If you’re more on the kinky side, add a pair of cuffs to the mix. There’s always time for a bit of bondage. 

8. Tawdry in the Tub

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You thought I’d get to the end of this list without another position centered around bathtub action? Dear reader, you should’ve known better. This position is ideal for eye contact and intimacy while never sacrificing penetration. Sit face-to-face with your partner, and make sure the receiving individual throws their legs over the penetrator’s shoulders. 

If you’re starting (or ending) your day, this is a perfect quickie that’ll either jumpstart your day or send you right to sleep afterward. Spice this position up by turning on the shower head and letting the water mist down on you both. Or add a blindfold to heighten the sensation.