Have Renaissance Tour Tickets? These Outfits Are Worthy of Beyoncé’s Presence

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Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

There’s going to a concert, and then there’s going to a Beyoncé concert. As if concert outfits aren’t enough pressure, if you’re lucky enough to be going to Beyoncé’s much-anticipated Renaissance tour this summer, you now have the added stakes of needing to dress for being in the presence of Queen Bey herself. 

Ever since the Renaissance World Tour kicked off in Sweden this May, the entire internet has been buzzing with hype surrounding Beyoncé’s long-awaited return to live performances. Anyone who’s seen her in concert knows that she puts on one of the best performances you’ll ever see, full of her iconic vocals, hours of top notch choreography, and of course, killer looks from Bey herself. 

Given the aesthetic of her four-time Grammy-winning Renaissance album, it’s no surprise that Beyoncé’s tour looks have included a rotation of metallic silver; sparkly, bejeweled corsets, illusion bodysuits, and other-worldly knee-high boots. The result? A futuristic, space cowboy vibe that’s made for an Alien Superstar. 

If you’re planning your outfit for your upcoming Renaissance show, there’s no one better to take a cue from than Beyoncé herself. These pieces will make you worthy of being in the same room—yes, I’m counting a stadium as a room in this case—as Beyoncé, and will earn you compliments from fellow members of the Bey Hive all night long.









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