Secrets from a Makeup Artist: How to Contour Your Face

If you’re anything like me, 1. You’re a flawless person and, 2. You’re not so great at the “subtle” contour. I can be bopping along in the mirror all a little highlighter here, a little bronzer there and then all the sudden I step back and I’m somehow Kim Kardashian’s more ~extra~ cousin. So, how to contour for every day?

I asked professional makeup artist (and one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram) Shannon O’Brien for some tricks of the trade when it comes to contouring — what color is best? Where do I put it, exactly? How do I diffuse that harsh line of color? Watch her demonstrate how to contour like a pro, with tips on where to “throw” that contour for an everyday #flawless face.


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Do you have a makeup trick or tip you’d like to see as a video tutorial? Leave it in the comments below!