Finally: Our Editors’ Top Favorite Sephora Products of All Time are On Sale

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Our editors consider Sephora the mecca of all things beauty. For most of us, the first makeup product we ever bought for ourselves came from Sephora (and likely a holiday gift card). It holds a special place in our hearts, whether you live and breathe beauty or pop in once a year to restock on your faves. So when the Sephora sale rolls around once again, our Slack channel blows up. We’re constantly talking favorites for different skin types, hair textures, and makeup styles, but all hell breaks loose when we can get those same gems for 20% off. 

In honor of Sephora’s annual Savings Event, we gathered every single one of our favorite products, all in one place. Rouge members get 20% off starting April 1, VIBs get 15% off starting April 5, and all Beauty Insiders can shop with 10% off from April 7 to 11 using the code SAVESPRING in store and online. 


Original Liquid Mineral Foundation

I am not a huge foundation fan. Heck, I don’t really like wearing makeup often at all, but this foundation is an exception. It’s lightweight like a serum, so it is comfortable and breathable on the skin, making it way more comfortable to wear than most. I reach for it when I just want a little bit of coverage and when I'm going to an event because it’s easily buildable too. The best part? It comes right off at the end of the day without a problem (there’s nothing I hate more than scrubbing makeup off). I have repurchased this countless times and will continue to as my shade changes throughout the seasons.

— Hailey, Editorial Assistant


Skin-Improving Foundation

I’ll be honest, I’m a stan of literally anything Kosas, but their latest foundation is so good, I want to scream it from the rooftops. More than any foundation I’ve tried, it not only just blurs imperfections (like foundations are meant to do), but it also actually makes me glowier, sans bronzer or highlighter. Also, because I love a good multitasker, I’m obsessed with the way it looks on my skin and what it does to my skin. With super ingredients like caffeine (seriously makes a difference for my eye bags), hyaluronic acid, and squalene that you typically find in your favorite skincare products, this is basically working both short term and long term to cover imperfections when you put it on and works to get rid of imperfections, thanks to the ingredients. Just a tip: It is so glowy, but I’m picky about the look of shine on certain areas like my nose and under-eye areas, so I wanted a little less glow there. I dab on a super light powder over the foundation (just for these areas), and it’s just as glowy with subtly less shine *chef’s kiss*

— Josie, Wellness Editor

Summer Fridays

Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum

My skin is what they call combination, which is a royal bummer because it changes drastically based on weather, and I’m weary of anything that’s overly hydrating or exfoliating. Balance is hard, but I think I’ve finally found the secret. Summer Fridays’ newest serum is called deep hydration for a reason (that hyaluronic acid, though!), but it’s meant for sensitive and acne-prone skin, so it also contains ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe to calm inflammation and redness. In other words, this is the skincare product I wish I had bought sooner. The texture is really soothing and weightless, but I truly feel hydrated all day long. It’s the perfect combination for my combination skin!

— Josie, Wellness Editor


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

We all have our strengths, but my hair has never been one of them. The women in my family have a serious hair complex because we all have thin, frizz-prone locks (it’s fine, we have other strengths). With this complex comes a lot of money spent on products to volumize, thicken, and increase moisture over the years. And while I switch up shampoos and conditioners all the time, my one ride-or-die product I’ve repurchased for years is the ACV hair rinse from dpHUE. I replace a typical shampoo with this treatment one to two times a week, and it has helped significantly with damage and split ends. I also notice a big difference in shine after use, and (being the wellness nerd that I am) I love that the key ingredient is a superfood that helps balance the pH of the scalp for long-term hair health. BTW, my biggest concern when first trying this product was that my hair would smell like apple cider vinegar (no thanks), and it does not at all (I promise!).

— Josie, Wellness Editor

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz

This is the only brow pencil I have been using for years. There is usually one in all of my Sephora orders so that I always have one on hand and never run out. It is so user-friendly and gives me the exact shade and definition that I am looking for. The Brow Wiz is one of the few makeup products I don’t leave the house without putting on.

— Keely, Senior Social Media Editor


Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream

I talk about this moisturizer quite often because it is one of the only skincare products I consistently purchase. I’m obsessed with how lightweight it is yet still so hydrating at the same time. My skin seriously looks so glowy and healthy after using it. This is also my favorite moisturizer to mix a few drops of self-tanner in because the two products blend together so well. Even though you only need a small amount, I still always go for the largest size because I use it so often and know I am going to buy it again, so the value of the 4.2 oz just makes more sense.

— Keely, Senior Social Media Editor

Mario Badescu

Drying Lotion

I’m a Mario Badescu Drying Lotion girl until the day I die. I’ve tried a few other pimple creams and patches and still love this one for knocking my hormonal blemishes out overnight. I always wake up in the mornings noticing a substantial difference in size and redness of the breakout. If you still haven’t tried this product out yet, it’s important to know not to shake the bottle and just dip a cotton swab straight down into it.

— Keely, Senior Social Media Editor

IT Cosmetics

Your Skin But Better Foundation

Where are all of my sensitive, acne-prone-skin girlies at? If you are anything like me, then skincare products need to be chosen very carefully because almost everything seems to send my skin into a break-out frenzy. Let me introduce you to your new favorite foundation by IT Cosmetics. My favorite aspect about this foundation is that it is actually good for your skin, and I can attest to the fact that it really works. That being said, if you are on the market for a new foundation that makes your face healthier, look no further.

— Kirra, Graphic Designer


Afterglow Lip Balm in Laguna

I’m not a big lipstick/lipgloss gal, but when I discovered this product, it changed the game. Last year, for the Sephora birthday gifts, we were able to choose between a NARS box or Laneige, and I chose the NARS one, and I was/am still in love with the product. It’s a hydrating and perfect shade of nude that you need for that bit of coverage. It’s lightweight and adds a bit of sparkle but not too much. If there was anything you needed in your spring break/summer essentials bag, this is one product you need to add to the list.

— Alex, Editorial Assistant


Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50

We all know we’re supposed to wear SPF every single day, but I’m willing to bet that most people aren’t reapplying. I put on a tinted SPF as the last step of my AM skincare routine, but this Supergoop! Glow Stick is perfect for reapplying later in the day. It is so easy to put on, looks glowy with or without makeup, and is tiny enough to take with you. It’s like highlighter that prevents sun damage—a win-win.

— Jessica, Social Media Editor

St. Tropez

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist

Listen, I want to be a tanning-drops-mixed-into-your-moisturizer girly, but my skin just can’t handle it. This is the only self-tanning product for my face that doesn’t make me break out like crazy, so it is a staple on my Sephora shopping list. It is a super lightweight mist that I put on after I moisturize at night to wake up just a bit more bronze.

— Jessica, Social Media Editor


Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

If there’s one splurge-worthy product I’ve repurchased again and again since I treated myself back in 2020, it’s this Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil from Biossance. I bought this initially because I was tired of not seeing any sort of results from the budget-friendly vitamin C serum I used to use, and since I gave this a shot, I’ve never turned back. Whenever I use this under my makeup, my skin is always 10x more glowy, and with regular use, I’ve noticed that my complexion is a lot more radiant. It’s come to be my favorite part of my skincare routine, which has made this one-time splurge a self-care staple.

— Ashley, Branded Content Editor


Light Tones Dry Shampoo

If there is one hair product that I’d offer up my firstborn child for, it’s this Light Tones Dry Shampoo from Moroccanoil. The smell alone is enough to get me coming back time after time, but the results that I get when using this product, even four or five days post-wash day, are undeniable. It has a bit of a purple tint to it, which is perfect for my color-treated blonde hair (and, at times, atrocious roots) and is the one hair product that I literally budget for because it’s so worth the price. I’ve been using a generic brand over the past few weeks in anticipation of stocking up on my preferred dry shampoo during the Sephora sale, and if I seem grumpier than usual these days, that’s why.

— Ashley, Branded Content Editor


Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

I am really not a fan of heavy foundation—especially in the warmer months—so I have tried tons of skin tints and other types of lightweight products. I’ve been using this one for a while now, and it definitely is my favorite that I’ve tried. I love how easily it goes on, how well it blends, and that it is super buildable if I do want more coverage. I swear I’ve never tried a product from Fenty that I didn’t love.

— Jess, Associate Editor & Junior Graphic Designer


Unseen Sunscreen

I’ve been using this sunscreen for almost a year now, and it’s really my go-to daily SPF. It looks great under makeup or on its own, and I really love the gel-like consistency because of how smooth it makes my skin look. I use and love both Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen and Glow Screen—you really can’t go wrong with either.

— Jess, Associate Editor & Junior Graphic Designer

Armani Beauty

Luminous Silk Foundation

Now this is one foundation that you definitely get a bang for your buck! If I had to pick one thing I could splurge on for the rest of my life, it would be this foundation. I love that I don’t have to use a lot of product to feel like I’m getting full coverage and it gives such a warm, dewy finish. The beauty of this foundation is that it goes on smoothly, is really easily buildable, and gives the perfect airbrushed look.

— Andi, Social Media Coordinator

Charlotte Tilbury

Brightening Youth Glow Primer

For the days where my skin is looking a little dull, this has been my go-to secret weapon for making my skin and overall makeup look look fresh and dewy! This product is super lightweight and pairs really well with just about any foundation. There is a slight shimmer to the finish, but it is very subtle and really makes my skin glow.

— Andi, Social Media Coordinator

KVD Beauty

Tattoo Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

There was a point in my life when you’d have to pry my beloved Stila eyeliner from cold, dead hands before I even thought of trying something new. Then, to my utter devastation, Sephora didn’t have my pride and joy in stock in what I’ll call a desperate eyeliner situation. The lovely Sephora associate recommended the KVD tattoo liner, and from then on, I was hooked. It’s smooth and precise, and I’ve never had an easier time drawing wings. I opt for the brown, but do yourself a favor: If this is in stock, just buy it in whatever color.

— Garri, Managing Editor

Glow Recipe

Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Treatment Serum

I have tried just about every dark spot toner, serum, and treatment I could get my hands on, and nothing has worked anywhere near as good as this one from Glow Recipe. I’ve used it consistently for the past four months and have noticed a drastic improvement in the appearance of my skin. My face is brighter and smoother than it’s been in a long time. Is my skin completely spot-free? No, but that takes time and I still credit this product for the recent confidence boost in my skin. Bonus: It smells like heaven and I can’t wait to put it on my face every morning.

— Garri, Managing Editor


Beauty Blender Original

Often imitated but never duplicated, the OG Beauty Blender sponge just
gets it. There is something about the way this blends product into my skin with ease that other sponges can't. I always pick one (or three) up during the Sephora sale because this rarely goes on sale, and you can never have too many backups.

— Beth, Editor


Supersonic Hair Dryer

Hear me out: I know this is a hefty splurge, but even as a cheap skeptic with fine hair that ordinarily dries in around five minutes, I think it's worth it. This dries my hair in less than two (!) minutes and always leaves it feeling soft, smooth, and voluminous—no crunchy or fried hair here. Oh, and did I mention it dries my hair in two minutes?

Plus, it's suitable for all hair types, chronicled by this review with two editors who have very different textures who both raved about it (I should mention one of those editors was, in fact, me).

— Beth, Editor

Grande Cosmetics

GrandeLash Serum

Of all the products I’ve ever tried, this is one of the most effective. I can’t count the number of people in my life who have said to me, “your eyelashes are so beautiful!” and I have to say, “well, they aren’t really; it’s just from the GrandeLash serum.” This serum has single-handedly turned me from someone with mediocre lashes to a girl who gets constantly asked if my lashes are real or not. I will never stop using it, and during the Sephora sale, I take it upon myself to get the six-month supply of it so I’m good to go for a while. Trust me: Once you use this, you will never go back.

— Maddie, Fashion Editor


No. 3

By now, everyone and their mother has given Olaplex No. 3 a shot, but as someone with bleached hair, I truly cannot live without it. Over time, it has vastly changed the health of my hair and has allowed it to grow more quickly since it’s in such better shape. This is a non-negotiable for me and something that’s always in my cabinet but isn’t exactly a fun buy, so I’m picking up the jumbo version of it when I can get it on sale so I’m stocked for a bit. This product is worth the hype.

— Maddie, Fashion Editor


Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask

This year has been the year of me trying to get my hair into the best possible shape, and this mask absolutely deserves the hype. I have only been using it for a few weeks, but it’s different from Olaplex in that you leave it in your hair. After the first two times I used it, I noticed an absolutely wild difference in how my hair looked and felt (shinier and healthier), and I can tell from my experience with it so far that it really is fixing my hair’s damage, not just masking it.

— Maddie, Fashion Editor


Remember to use code SAVESPRING to get up to 20% off at Sephora through April 11!


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