Say Hello to Fall: Your September Horoscopes Are Here!

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR

Summer’s over now (even if the weather doesn’t feel like it), and it’s time for Virgo season. Hardworking Virgo season has been bringing major back-to-school vibes since the end of August, and this continues until the last week of September. The month ends during Libra season, which will feel more lighthearted and less work-oriented.

Keep reading to find out what each sign should expect this month.


The Month at a Glance

September 5: Venus enters Virgo at the beginning of the month. You may be feeling critical of your partner during this time, so try not to get too frustrated over little things. This energy is also great for organizing or cleaning your house.

September 9: Everyone’s favorite time of year, Mercury retrograde, starts on September 9. Mercury retrograde slows things down and can often cause confusion and tech mishaps. Don’t rush into anything, think things through, and make sure you read all the fine print on any documents before signing.

September 10: You could be feeling super emotional around the full moon in Pisces on September 10. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and listen to some sad music if you need to.

September 22: Libra season begins today, bringing more social and fun energy compared to the more practical Virgo season.

September 23: Since Mercury is retrograde, it moves back into Virgo (from Libra).

September 25: There’s a new moon in Libra on September 25. This is a great time for socializing, making new friends, or doing something creative, like redecorating.

September 29: Venus moving into Libra is the perfect end to the month. Venus brings positive energy wherever it goes, and since Venus rules Libra, the planet’s at home in this sign.


Virgo season is a great time for you to buckle down and get things done, whether it’s chores around your house or working overtime to get caught up at your job. If you’ve been meaning to try a new workout class or join a gym, this is also the time to do it because you’ll have more of a focus on your health. To maintain your work-life balance, take some time to rest and recharge around the full moon. Libra season will bring more of an emphasis to your personal life and relationships, giving you a break from all the work stuff.


picked just for you, Aries


Virgo season is the perfect time for you to let loose a little. Say yes to that date, try out a new hobby, or start a creative project. You may feel like spending more time socializing, too. Take advantage of the full moon in Pisces to make plans with your friends or join a club. This could also be a good chance to get group projects out of the way before you lose your social stamina. Don’t worry if you’re more focused on having fun this month—you’ll be getting back to your regular routine around September 22 when Libra season starts.


picked just for you, Taurus


Virgo season is the time for you to spend more time at home or with family to reset before the social Libra season begins at the end of September. Plus, Mercury retrograde starts this month, which will impact you more than most since Mercury’s your ruling planet, and this retrograde is starting in another air sign (Libra). Be patient if you’re waiting on news about something because Mercury retrograde tends to bring delays. Similarly, you might be feeling stuck or wanting to slow things down with someone you’re dating. So if you do feel that way, make sure you’re super clear and intentional with them to avoid any miscommunications.


picked just for you, Gemini


If you’ve been a busy bee this Virgo season, you’ll get a chance to relax around the end of the month when Libra season starts. Take advantage of the rest of Virgo season by taking a weekend trip somewhere, starting a new book, or journaling (or all of the above). Around the full moon, you’ll be feeling especially interested in new subjects, making it ideal for trying out a new book genre or even doing some of your own writing.


picked just for you, Cancer


Use the rest of Virgo season to set a budget for yourself or to look for side hustles to earn some extra cash. You might be tempted to go on a shopping spree, but try to hold off—Mercury retrograde moving back into Virgo will give you some time to think things through so you don’t rush into any purchases. Speaking of money, around the full moon will be a particularly good time for you to take stock of your spending or ask for a raise at work. Just be patient because, with Mercury retrograde, you might not get an answer or see results right away.


picked just for you, Leo


September starts off during your season, so you’ll be getting a lot of attention, whether it’s from friends, coworkers, or dating prospects. And speaking of dating, the full moon is a good time to make things official with someone or check in with your partner about your relationship. Mercury retrograde might put a bit of a damper on the season starting on September 9. You’ll be extra affected by the Mercury retrograde this month, not only because Mercury is your ruler, but also because it’s moving back into your sign on September 23. You might be feeling unsure of yourself or running into miscommunications surrounding work or money issues, so be sure to cut yourself some slack.


picked just for you, Virgo


Use Virgo season as a chance to recharge and focus on self-care—get a massage, have a Netflix marathon, or book a session with your therapist. You’ll have plenty of time to socialize when your season rolls around at the end of the month. Plus, your ruler Venus moves into Libra on September 29. You’ll be feeling extra lucky, so make the most of Libra season and Venus in your sign by redownloading dating apps, approaching someone you like IRL, or applying to that super interesting job.


picked just for you, Libra


You’ll be wanting to socialize during Virgo season. Be sure to take advantage of this by keeping your calendar booked with plenty of events and plans with friends. This is also a good time for you to get collaborative work and projects out of the way because when Libra season starts on September 22, you may be more inclined to stay at home or do solo work. Around the full moon on September 10, you might also start dating someone new, or you could be ending things with someone. But since Mercury retrograde starts the day before (September 9), try to really think things through, and don’t make any snap decisions (like breaking up with someone for a tiny flaw).


picked just for you, Scorpio


Virgo season will be about career for you. If you’ve been thinking about searching for a new job, now’s a good time to start looking. You might also be asked to take on more responsibility or new tasks at your job. Don’t be afraid to ask coworkers for help, though—you’ll be feeling more collaborative toward the end of the month when Libra season starts. And if you are looking for a new job, you might have some realizations about what you actually want in your next position (particularly surrounding WFH or doing something with more creativity) around the full moon in Pisces.


picked just for you, Sagittarius


The beginning of this month is a great time for you to visit somewhere totally new or plan a trip to visit your long-distance bestie. Virgo season is also ideal for learning new things, so look up some online classes, head to the bookstore to pick up a new genre, or try out a new podcast. Libra season at the end of the month will bring more of a focus on work, so now’s a particularly good time to do some fun reading or podcast binging.


picked just for you, Capricorn


Virgo season is the time for you to get your finances together—start tracking your spending or make a plan for saving money. If you’ve been wanting to ask for a raise at work, now could be a perfect time, so plan what you want to say and set up some time to meet with your manager. Or you might even get an unexpected raise or money from a family member or investments you’ve made, especially around the full moon on September 10—just try not to spend it right away, or you could undo all the budgeting you’ve been working on.


picked just for you, Aquarius


You’ll be prioritizing your relationships during Virgo season. Carve out some extra time to hang out with your significant other or FaceTime your close friend you haven’t talked to in a while. But be sure to schedule some me-time, too. The full moon in your sign on September 10 is the perfect time to focus on self-care so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the time you’re spending with others.


picked just for you, Pisces


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