9 Gorgeous Spring Hair Colors We’ll be Seeing Everywhere in 2022

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I believe there is no such thing as a bad time to change your hair color (I know, I’m toxic), but springtime is the time. Winter feels like a never-ending time suck of the same sh*t every single day, so when we finally get those little glimpses of better days ahead, changing your hair color is genuinely the least rash thing you could do. Also, I’m just saying: Spring hair colors are always superior. 

Whether a little lightness around your face will make you feel like you just had your very own adult spring break or you’re ready to look unrecognizable (my kind of person), spring’s hottest hair colors have you in mind. Get ready for trendy tones, bold colors, and low-maintenance options alike. 


1. Strawberry

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If you’re looking for a bold change and want to get in on a major trend, strawberry tones are it. “This color is so in right now—I saw it a lot during New York Fashion Week,” said Brittaney Danyel, StyleSeat hairstylist and colorist in San Diego. “The peachy undertones are flattering on every skin tone. If you want to be even bolder, you can go for a more vibrant peachy red that will really brighten up your features.” Luckily, this trend can go many different ways, as you can go a little darker for a more “strawberry brunette” look (very cool girl) or lighter for the classic strawberry blonde.


2. Honey Bronde

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“Bronde” is the perfect way to get a bright color without sacrificing the health of your hair. The pandemic showed everyone the importance of low-maintenance, easy color, and we’re seeing a major interest in prioritizing hair health over bold, bright color changes. This hair looks like it was kissed by the sun, thanks to the warm, golden tones throughout. Instead of the ashy, gray tones of the past, “sun-kissed hair that effortlessly blends with your natural roots is the way to go,” Danyel suggested.


3. Muted Pinks

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“This spring and summer, I think we’ll see a lot of pink hair, but more specifically, mauve,” Danyel added. “I find that this ashy, muted, toned color always makes a comeback every other season. It’s a fun color for the warmer months, but it’s nothing too bright or crazy.” You can add this color to your blonde hair with a semi-permanent color-depositing conditioner, or if you go the salon route, you can use a color conditioner to keep your color vibrant as long as possible. 


4. “Expensive Brunette”

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This color made the internet rounds after our favorite blondes like Sofia Richie, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid went back to their (literal) roots and opted for a deeper tone this winter. But experts are predicting we’ll keep seeing this trend through spring and beyond. While you might normally think it’s inherent to go lighter for spring and summer, this deeper color feels chic and different—which is everything we’re looking for after a winter of staying inside. But if you already went “expensive brunette” and want to change it up a bit, Danyel suggested adding money pieces to the front to brighten the face while keeping the brunette throughout the rest of the hair. 


5. Baby Blonde

But don’t get me wrong: Blonde will never go out of style. This year, we’re seeing it as platinum as it gets. This color isn’t golden or ashy—it’s a true, neutral blonde. Think ’90s Pamela Anderson (or Lily James’s 2022 rendition in Pam and Tommy). Keep your hair the right tone by making an appointment with your colorist to tone in between color appointments and using a purple shampoo once a week diluted with your favorite shampoo (although purple hair would look pretty cute…). 


6. Caramel Balayage

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The dimensional brunette is no new concept, but it’s a foolproof way to change up your natural color without making a major change. If you want to go lighter in the springtime, this adds brightness and warmth. And because this is where my brain goes, imagine how good it would look with your hair in a braid. I rest my case. 

Don’t try this one at home—invest in a good hairstylist who can add lightness without completely frying your hair (it’s possible). 


7. Shadow Root

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There’s an age-old adage somewhere that says the more effortless something looks, the better (and always the more effort it actually takes to achieve). The same could be said about hair, as we’re luckily entering an era where low-maintenance cuts and colors that don’t require bimonthly salon visits to keep looking good reign supreme. The shadow root is the antithesis to the hair we used to look for, and that’s why we love it. It’s meant to give you lightness while also looking as natural as possible, and once your hair grows out, you don’t have to wear a hat around town while you wait for a spot in your stylist’s chair again.  


8. Face-Framing

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The last two years, bold face-framing pieces were on everyone from Charli D’Amelio to SZA to Bella Hadid. And while that trend is definitely not leaving Gen Z anytime soon, if you’re into a more natural approach to your hair, lighter face-framing pieces are hot too. This adds so much brightness to your face and can be achieved on all hair colors, types, cuts, and face shapes. 


9. Jet Black

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An inky, jet black is sexy and special—and a very unlikely choice for the spring and summertime, which is exactly why we love it. Keep it shiny with a hair oil and always remember to use a heat protectant, as excess heat can dull hair color over time (the more you know!).


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