Transformation Time: These Trending Winter Hair Colors Are Calling Your Name

written by LAUREN HARANO
Source: @allanaramaa
Source: @allanaramaa

Winter has arrived, and with it, a fresh wave of hair color trends that are as cool as the season itself. While fall was filled with warm tones inspired by autumnal themes, this season promises brighter, bolder, and more vibrant hues that are sure to turn heads. Expect to see the rich and cozy colors that mirror the warmth of crackling fires as well as the cool and icy shades that reflect the crispness of the winter snow—and yes, they’re as stunning as they sound. 

Whether you wish to warm up your toasted cinnamon shade from last season or you want to take your honey bronde to deeper, darker heights, this winter’s new hair trends are sure to inspire your next look. From the fiery allure of red velvet to the cozy sophistication of latte bronde and the stunning dimension of brown butter, there’s a shade to suit every adventurous beauty buff this season. Ahead, learn more about this winter’s trending hair colors.

Vibrant Copper

Source: Orkun Baykut

Cowboy copper made a splash last season, but this winter, it’s all about vibrant copper. This hue, reminiscent of gleaming embers in a crackling fireplace, brings warmth and a subtle touch of drama to any look. It’s a fusion of rich red and glowing gold tones that brings an intense vibrancy to strands. With its ability to catch and reflect light, this color creates an iridescent sheen, which adds depth and dimension.

Latte Bronde


First latte makeup went viral, and now latte bronde hair is making a splash. This fun color is all about the fusion of creamy blonde and soft, milky brown hues, which perfectly captures the essence of a warm latte on a crisp winter morning. The seamless blend of colors combines the richness of brown tones with the lightness of blonde highlights, creating a natural, sunlit effect that adds a pop to the overall look. This hue ultimately creates a balanced and soft transition between the two colors, allowing for an effortless style that complements various skin tones.

Brown Butter

Source: @colorbymarina

Brown butter, a velvety hair color inspired by the smoothness of butter, combines deep brown and caramel tones to create a warm and inviting shade. This hue is characterized by its deep, chocolatey base with delicate swirls of caramel or honey highlights, reminiscent of the way butter melts and creates a watery sauce. It adds depth and dimension to hair, making it the perfect choice for those who want a classic, yet rich and inviting hair color.

Red Velvet

Source: @wellanordic

Red velvet, sometimes referred to as cozy velvet red, is a bright and alluring shade that’s not hard to miss. This fiery red hue is reminiscent of a velvety, deep-red velvet cake, along with its rich and indulgent qualities. It incorporates a spectrum of red tones, from deep maroons to berry-like shades, creating a multidimensional effect that livens up strands. Its sultry shade creates a striking contrast with both fair and dark skin tones, making it a versatile choice for those looking to make a statement this season.

Cashmere Bronde

Source: @morganlovestopaint

Cashmere bronde, a low-maintenance, refined hair color, couples the softness of cashmere with the chicness of a classic bronde. This hue combines cooler and darker blonde tones, resulting in a gorgeous blend that’s both natural and sophisticated. Much like the texture of cashmere fabric, this color creates a smooth and silky appearance, adding depth and dimension to your locks. For an added boost, get a clear gloss so your hair can really shine.

Chocolate Drizzle

Source: @hannahandersenhair

The new chocolate drizzle hair color, inspired by the glossiness of melted chocolate, is a dark shade that infuses dark brown hair with warm, chocolaty highlights. The rich, dark base mimics the depths of dark chocolate, while the drizzling highlights resemble the sweet and gooey essence of melted cocoa. It looks good on all hair types and lengths, and can be styled sleek and straight or in bouncy curls. The best part? It especially makes brown eyes pop.

Jet Black

Source: @noknotco

Jet black is one of the hottest hair colors this season. This classic, striking hue is characterized by its intense, inky black tone that’s free from any hints of brown or blue undertones. This color creates a sense of sharp contrast, making it a statement choice that suits various skin tones. It’s a go-to choice for those who appreciate a strong, bold, and polished look that never goes out of style.