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7 Career Habits Successful Women Practice

Career Habits Successful Women Practice"
Career Habits Successful Women Practice
Source: Alaina Kaz
Source: Alaina Kaz

Some days, I feel like the kind of boss b*tch who wakes up and throws on a chic business suit with heels to match before proceeding to take the world by storm. On other days, I feel like the kind of woman who hits snooze one too many times before proceeding to roll out of bed and hobble to the computer. Of course, I’d love to be on my A-game 24/7, but life’s all about balance, right?

That said, while I know there is no secret to success, I’ve come to realize that there are undoubtedly universal career habits all successful women practice—a cold, hard fact I gleaned after having the privilege of interviewing three successful female entrepreneurs over the past month.

Whether you’re looking to move up the career ladder, change jobs, become self-employed, or start your own business, you’ve come to the right place. With these tips, you can start making moves and make your career goals a reality. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the career habits all successful women practice.

Meet the expert
Ana Pischl
Head of Selfmade at Brit + Co, Product Consultant, and CEO of First Product Hire
At Selfmade, Pischl has helped over 3,500 women live creatively and provide them with the tools, resources, and community to bring their business goals to fruition.
Meet the expert
Rachel Apfel Glass
CEO and Founder of GLOSSLAB
Glass reimagined the nail space in 2018 when she built GLOSSLAB under three key pillars: Hygiene, Efficiency, and Membership. First launched in NYC, GLOSSLAB has expanded to New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, and DC.
Meet the expert
Dr. Elisa Hallerman
PHD, JD, and Founder of Recovery Management Agency (RMA) and Author of Soulbriety
The mastermind behind RMA, Hallerman’s created a business that helps clients get to the root cause of their symptomatology by integrating mental health, behavioral-health, and primary-care treatment options.


1. They surround themselves with positive people

We’ve all heard about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, and successful women swear by this as well. For them, having an uplifting social circle is non-negotiable. They know and value their peers, and aren’t afraid to turn to them in times of need. Likewise, they also relish any opportunity to collaborate with others.

“Aligning yourself with others who share your values and building a strong support system is key to long-term success,” Pischl explained to me. “It will help you gain new perspectives, overcome any obstacles, and build a sense of community.”


2. They trust their gut

As humans, we’re conditioned to question ourselves and our judgment. More often than not, though, our gut knows what’s what, and successful women aren’t afraid to listen to it. In fact, following this inner instinct is what gave Glass the courage to launch GLOSSLAB in an already billion-dollar industry—a leap of faith that’s paid off massively. By trusting her gut, she was able to harvest her passion for clean, efficient manicures, muster up the courage to ask for what she wanted, and ultimately grow her business. 


3. They don’t overthink

Another thing successful women have in common is the fact that they don’t overthink things. That’s not to say they’ve never gotten caught up in this vicious cycle—they are human, after all—but when it comes time to get their feet wet, they’ll dive right in, despite their fear.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they take an all-or-nothing approach. Hallerman explained to me that they’ll dive in headfirst and take things slow; they’re willing to be patient with themselves because they know that all that really matters is that they start. So regardless of what career move they’re trying to make next, successful women make a plan and start taking steps in the real world daily to get there.


4. They stay on top of their finances

There’s no denying that success and money are commonly intertwined. Which is why successful women have a healthy relationship with their finances. “It’s crucial to know how much money you’re earning and spending monthly. And it’s also important to make predictions and plan ahead,” Pischl told me. This means diligently tracking your finances, having an emergency fund, and adjusting your budget as needed.

When it comes down to it, women who are thriving in their careers aren’t afraid to look at numbers. Likewise, they’re also not afraid to challenge themselves and set goals that help them become wealthier. They know that there’s no shame in working hard for whatever they want and everything they have, and they go after it wholeheartedly and unapologetically.


5. They take charge of their story

Successful women know that despite what fairytales and society have told them, they’re the only ones who can save themselves. While Hallerman says this mindset will not prevent them from dealing with heartbreak, loss, and grief, it will protect them from waiting around for someone else to fix them. This mindset empowers them to take charge and be the hero of their own story. And emboldens them to follow their dreams and give in to their ambitions.


6. They never stop learning

Successful women aren’t afraid to admit when they don’t know something and take every opportunity they can to learn and grow more when it comes to their careers. “Viewing life as a never-ending journey helps you step into more opportunities that help you fulfill your purpose and happiness,” Hallerman explained to me. This is why successful women commit to always expanding their knowledge and wisdom to prevent themselves from stalling out in their careers.


7. They know their worth and ask for what they deserve

They say you shouldn’t settle for anything less than you deserve. But women so often do in the workplace. However, Glass, Pischl, and Hallerman know their worth, and they price accordingly. They know exactly what they bring to the table and aren’t afraid to ask for what they want or take their business elsewhere in order to get paid what they’re worth. Some people might not like it. But that’s too bad—these women refuse to settle for less.

Knowing their worth is also what gives successful women the courage to fall back on themselves. They don’t let themselves get caught up in what everyone else is doing—something that’s admittedly very easy to do—and know that when it comes down to it, there is no formula for success. Stay true to yourself, trust your gut, and develop a healthy relationship with money. And in no time, you’ll be a powerhouse woman in your field.