How to Style Summer 2020’s Biggest Trends


When summer rolls around every year, the style that comes with it never fails to surprise me. It’s effortless and easy and just different than all the other seasons; you can throw on a flowy dress and slip-on sandals and head out the door—a far cry from the layers we have to put on to look chic during the other eight months.

At one point, it felt like this day would never come; the time where we could start considering trends again without getting a nagging reminder that they were pointless because we couldn’t leave our homes. And while things are far from back to normal, we’re getting a taste of our old lives once again with the ability to go outside and—for some places—begin to see our friends again. And what gives more motivation to get dressed and feel our best than sunny, 80-degree weather?

Whatever these next few months bring, there are still fabulous, exciting trends to discuss: bright colors and flowing dresses and styles coming back from decades past. These are summer 2020’s best trends—it doesn’t matter if you’re only wearing them for your walk around the block.


Denim jumpsuits

This ’70s-esque trend is impossible not to look chic in—it’s an effortless and versatile piece to add to any wardrobe.



Pink and orange

Neon is a trend in and of itself, but remember Taylor Swift’s 2016 Grammy’s dress? The pink-and-orange number with a bandeau top and full skirt stuck in my head for months after—it was fun and young and different than anything anyone else wore. The bold color combo is making its way to the top of the 2020 trends list, and for good reason: nothing screams summer more than this.



Halter tops

The ’90s staple— and the top you probably donned in middle school, anyone else used to have halter tops made out of bandanas?—is back and ready to be worn all summer long. Think of it as a back-bearing alternative to your basic tank; it can be worn with any of your go-to looks.



Ethereal dresses

White, flowing dresses aren’t exactly new for summer; in fact, they’re more of a staple. But this summer, the carefree look is taken to the next level with embroideries, lace, puffy sleeves, and tiers. 




Mini skirts

Another ’90s staple sneaking its way back into our closets, the mini skirt is nothing to fear—it looks sleek with just about anything you pair it with. Give your midi and maxi dresses a break and put your legs on display with a no-frills, short option.