This Manifestation Method Teaches You to Tap Into “It-Girl Energy” to Attract Anything

Tap into celebrity energy"
Tap into celebrity energy
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

What do Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Gigi Hadid all have in common? Sure, limitless talent, to-die-for closets, money in the bank, millions of followers, and a powerful influence. But another common thread that might even be the secret to their success? Energy. How they attracted their fame and fortune comes down to a certain magnetism that draws an audience, AKA what celebrity life coach Whitney Uland calls “celebrity energy.” As Uland said on The Everygirl Podcast, “Being famous is not something for people that are full of themselves. It’s for people who are not afraid of being seen, just know in their heart that they are meant for something bigger, that they’re meant to take up more space.”

Anyone can tap into celebrity energy, which is why the new take on manifestation is going viral on TikTok. Once you do, “You become potent, and people want whatever you are selling.” Whether you want to be a celebrity or not, celebrity energy is a powerful manifestation strategy that allows you to attract what you want. We chatted with Uland to get the inside scoop on celebrity energy, including the best ways to get in on it to manifest your dream life. Listen to The Everygirl Podcast for more.

Celebrity Life Coach, Whitney Uland

Whitney Uland is a celebrity life coach and course creator. In her signature mentorship program “The Self-Made Celebrity,” she teaches clients around the world how to tap into their celebrity energy so that they can create the life and careers that they know they are meant for.

What exactly is celebrity energy?

Celebrity energy is not about being rich or famous; it’s a certain energy that anyone can tap into at any time. “It’s an aura that makes people drawn to you—it’s the ‘it’ factor or the je ne sais quoi that makes people want to be around you, to look at you, and to hear what you have to say,” Uland explained. “It’s an energy that artists and celebrities have been using for decades to charm audiences into falling in love with them. But celebrity energy is about more than just becoming famous—it’s about using your gifts, talents, and voice to make the world a better place.” 

Often mistaken for confidence or the “fake it till you make it” narrative, Uland likens celebrity energy to a scent. “I like to think about our energy similar to a body odor—it can be enticing or repelling,” she said. “Sometimes, after a workout, we don’t even realize that we stink, and the same can be true with our energetic body odor. We don’t realize that our energy is funky, but everyone else can (even if they’re too polite to tell you).” Celebrity energy, on the other hand, is “the sexiest, most alluring of all of the energies that you can exude.”


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Why channel celebrity energy?

Celebrity energy has nothing to do with actual fame or becoming a celebrity (although that can be a goal, too). Celebrity energy is not what happens when you become successful, it’s the energy that attracts success to you. “Once you have celebrity energy, doors start to open for you,” Uland affirmed. “You get access to opportunities, and people just want to say ‘yes’ to you or to what you are selling. People are drawn to you—romantically and otherwise. Things start to go your way.”

Don’t let the idea of overnight success fool you. Leaning into your celebrity energy takes internal work on getting yourself to feel safe being seen in big, expansive ways, as Uland shared in a TikTok video, and it can be weeks/months/years in the making. “To create it, you have to be able to put down your walls and let people see you for who you authentically are,” Uland described. “It requires a deep level of self-trust and healing. If you are faking confidence or pretending to be what you think people want to see, you’re going to energetically repel them without even realizing it.” 

The good news is when tapping into your celebrity energy, you tune into and embody your most authentic self. “This work comes down to becoming hyper-present, which happens when you feel safe being seen for who you authentically are,” Uland said on The Everygirl Podcast. “It’s about authentically betting on yourself and removing that fear of being seen so that you can then show up in that magnetic energy.”

How do you tap into it?

“Energy is just a skill that anyone can learn,” Uland said. “In fact, it’s something that everyone already has. It’s just a matter of accessing your innate gifts and feeling safe being seen for who you authentically are.” Ahead, Uland shared her non-negotiables for harnessing your celebrity energy. And don’t worry—if this list doesn’t feel comprehensive enough, you can always hear more from Uland on The Everygirl Podcast.

Become aware of subconscious thoughts

Step one: Become aware of the subconscious beliefs that are preventing you from feeling safe taking up space, and rewire the way you think. Uland suggested thinking about the goal you’re trying to reach. Maybe it’s to start your own business or make a viral TikTok. Then ask yourself, “What am I afraid would happen if I was successful at this? Who am I afraid of upsetting? What does it protect me from to not have this goal?” Get really clear on what your brain is afraid of happening if you were to become magnetic. Whether that looks like meditation, journaling, or talking it out with a loved one or therapist, identify and release what keeps you playing small.

Work through negative emotions

“Once you have this awareness of what your brain is trying to protect you from, the work is really about getting comfortable with the negative emotions,” Uland pointed out. “Instead of resisting the emotions, you allow them to process through your body.” By working through the emotions, you get back to a feeling of safety where celebrity energy lives. You can create somatic safety in your body with at-home exercises like grounding, visualization, or body scans or through mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breathwork, or a somatic healer.

Use visualization

“I also recommend visualizing the future version of yourself, the version of you who does feel confident, magnetic, and successful, and really creating a relationship with them,” Uland encouraged. “So often we make decisions based on fear, but if you start asking yourself, ‘What would future me do?’ the answers will guide your decisions to creating the life that you want.” Whatever method you choose, the intention is to feel safe and supported.

Be authentic

Uland’s last piece of advice? “Show up as the most authentic version of you—unafraid of the spotlight, unafraid of being perceived, unafraid of haters, unafraid of negative repercussions. Stop living your life from a state of fear and, instead, live from a place of abundance in the most authentic way, believing that you deserve to take up space, that your voice matters, that you are needed.”