Which Ted Lasso Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by MICHELLE LEMA
Source: Apple TV+
Source: Apple TV+

If football is life, so are our Zodiac signs. Ted Lasso is a show with a lot of heart, and even if you don’t know anything about football in England, it’s still so funny, relatable, and inspiring. The show’s third and final (*sad face*) season just premiered, so it’s the perfect time to revisit the characters and their lovable (and sometimes not-so-lovable) traits.

In the world of Ted Lasso, birthdays are important, because celebrating your teammates is always a top priority. We learn this right away in Season 1 when the team surprises Sam with birthday gifts. It should also be noted that Higgins has a weird ability to name the birthday of any member of the team, or celebrity. It’s not a far-off notion to assume that Higgins might be able to guess the Zodiac sign of anyone he meets as well. So, for all you Higgins fans out there, this is for you. Here’s which Ted Lasso character you are, according to your sign:


Aries: Roy Kent

roy kent ted lasso aries

Although Roy Kent has many dimensions, there is no doubt that he exhibits the traits of a fiery, ambitious, and bold Aries. On and off the field, Roy has no problem unleashing his passionate feelings. Most of his iconic quotes end in a growl, or with a glare that burns deep into the other person’s soul. And yet, some of the sweetest moments in the show are when Roy channels his Aries traits to help others. He’s a strong leader for the team and he’s endlessly supportive of his adorable niece. Unapologetically himself, Roy cares deeply about the people he loves, and would do anything for them.


Taurus: Leslie Higgins

leslie higgins ted lasso taurus

Higgins is all about stability and security, which is a classic Taurus trait. He loves his job, the team, and the life he’s built with his family. Even so, he doesn’t seem to mind losing his office every once in a while, because he knows it will all work out in the end. Of course, Higgins wouldn’t be a Taurus without a little appreciation for the finer things in life. Higgins’ idea of luxury is spending time with his family, especially when he can have the team over for a giant, loud, heartwarming dinner that requires several tables to be squished together so everyone can join in.


Gemini: Keeley Jones

keeley jones ted lasso gemini

Geminis can often be described as two-sided, and Keeley uses this as her superpower. We meet her when she is already a successful influencer and model, and we watch her add to her portfolio of skills by taking on PR for AFC Richmond and excelling at it. With the help of Rebecca, in true Gemini form, Keeley faces new challenges and discovers her own strengths and abilities. When she’s not totally crushing it at work, her style is playful and fun, and she isn’t afraid to be spontaneous. Also, fun fact: Geminis are compatible with Aries and Leos, so it isn’t surprising that Keeley has dated both Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt.


Cancer: Sam Obisanya

sam obisanya ted lasso cancer

Sam faces many decisions about his future that will change his personal life and his career as a football player. He does so in a sensitive way, leading with his heart and often asking his father for advice. His father tells him to look for signs that will show him the right path and Sam leans into this intuitive decision-making, just like any Cancer would. Although he tends to protect himself emotionally in relationships, he isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. No matter what decisions Sam makes, he’s deeply dedicated to his personal journey and is ready for new adventures.


Leo: Jamie Tartt

jamie tartt ted lasso leo

Jamie is a classic Leo and would have no problem telling anyone this fact. He also has one of the best fan songs ever. (Jamie Tartt, do-do-do-do-do!) Apologies for getting that song stuck in your head, but it had to be noted. Jamie, like any iconic Leo, loves to be the center of attention. He literally wears a hat that says: “Icon.” Like many of the players on the team, he goes through a personal journey and discovers new aspects of his personality. And while he’s often a bit dramatic, he’s also passionate about winning and learns to share the spotlight with his teammates—perhaps his most iconic move of all.


Virgo: Ted Lasso

ted lasso virgo

If motivational speeches were a sport, Ted Lasso would win every time. Actually, he would probably be coaching said sport, because he’s more into that. The traits that make him a great coach, even when he doesn’t know what he’s doing, are very Virgo indeed. Ted is hardworking, kind, responsible, and determined. He never misses a delivery of the biscuits he makes for Rebecca, except for that one day he used salt instead of sugar, but that ended up working out. That being said, Ted often spends more time helping others than addressing his own needs. Like every Virgo, it could be useful for him to put aside some of that drive for perfection and spend more time caring for himself.


Libra: Trent Crimm

trent crimm ted lasso libra

Whether he is “Trent Crimm, The Independent” or “Trent Crimm, independent,” this journalist exhibits the orderly and logical qualities of a Libra. Trent loves a good story and knows how to balance his interviews between friendly banter and direct questions. Always level-headed and quietly weighing his options, he never seems to falter from his center. When the world of football is constantly changing, Trent is ready to react like a Libra. If something is wrong, he’s not afraid to put it right, reset the balance of his life, and start fresh.


Scorpio: Rebecca Welton

rebecca welton ted lasso scorpio

Scorpios are often known to be difficult to read and mysterious, and this can certainly be said for Rebecca, especially when she hires Ted. Despite the complicated dynamic she finds herself in, Rebecca channels the strength of a Scorpio again and again to make the right decisions. She mentors and supports Keeley, offering up advice based on her own experiences. She also belts out “Let It Go” from Frozen at karaoke, revealing her incredible voice (a Scorpio-like mystery talent). Strong singing voice or not, Rebecca is an incredible leader who faces her challenges and keeps going.


Sagittarius: Nathan Shelley

nathan shelley ted lasso sagittarius

Nate the Great, as he is affectionately called by Ted, is another complicated character full of contrasts. Throughout his time at AFC Richmond, he exhibits classic Sagittarius traits: loyalty and ambition. These two qualities are perhaps the main conflict within Nathan as he navigates his place on the team and his own dreams. Of course, another classic Nate the Sagittarius trait is his incredible ability to be blunt, especially in that letter he read to the team about what they needed to improve on. Ultimately wanting to be loved, Nathan will certainly never be afraid to chase new opportunities, wherever that may lead him.


Capricorn: Coach Beard

coach beard ted lasso capricorn

Capricorns are loyal to their friends through and through, and Coach Beard is no exception. He stands by Ted, even when neither of them knows what they’ve gotten themselves into. As a disciplined Earth sign, Coach Beard is focused, calm, collected, and incredibly witty. He is so dedicated that he anticipates the needs of the team, quietly throwing wisdom at everyone in a way that almost goes unnoticed. In the episode that is entirely devoted to Beard, we get to see him go on an adventure through London, but afterward, he’s ready to get back out on the field and keep working, as any Capricorn would be.


Aquarius: Dr. Sharon Fieldstone

sharon fieldstone ted lasso aquarius

Dr. Sharon joins AFC Richmond to provide therapy for one member of the team, but she ends up helping everyone else work through their issues. Just like a true Aquarius, Dr. Sharon is independent and knows who she is. She also understands how to get through to the athletes so they can be their best selves. She offers up a progressive alternative where sports are about strong mental health as well as physical excellence. She also rides a cool bike that folds up for easier carrying, which is a very innovative Aquarius thing to do.


Pisces: Dani Rojas

dani rojas ted lasso pisces

Football is life, and it’s hard not to believe it when Dani Rojas says it. The energetic, sensitive, passionate football player is a classic Pisces that plays the game on instinct and with his full heart. He cares so deeply about the sport that he can lose his way when he makes mistakes. But like any Pisces dreamer, he pulls through and comes back stronger than ever. Dani is the person you want in your corner—a constant cheerleader that knows anything is possible. It’s no wonder that Dani is a human example of the most important thing we learn to do from Ted Lasso: BELIEVE.