The Best New Plus-Size Pieces for Summer

I spent a good majority of my life being terrified of summer. I was afraid of the way my legs looked in shorts, bathing suits were a hard pass, and I couldn’t hide my body in baggy clothes like I did all winter. Not to mention, it was almost impossible to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses without being in severe pain from all the chafing. Summer fashion was basically my enemy for years.

Now that I’ve started embracing my body for what it is and finding ways to dress that make me feel confident, I look forward to shopping for new pieces to add to my wardrobe every year. This summer, I’m taking a step back from trends and focusing on investing in basics that I can pair with trendier items and accessories for an effortless look. (I do not have time to be messing around with anything else!) So, I’m sharing the essentials (and favorite pieces) in my closet for summer that are all available in plus-sizes. WOOT!


Flowy Shorts

There is nothing I hate more than shorts that you have to pull away from your body because they stick to you. These are the kind of shorts that basically swore me away from wearing them for years. Instead, I’m going for flowier options. A paper-bag style adds sophistication, whereas a mom-style denim is casual for a festival or outdoor party.


Lightweight Tanks

When it’s too hot to even picture putting anything on your body, a lightweight, cotton tank should be your go-to. You can dress them up with a cardigan or jacket for work or pair it with jeans and a tote for weekend. When you’re going from work to rooftop, taking off a layer is easier than ever. When the weather isn’t sweltering hot, I’m loving sweater fabrics; however, hot weather calls for light cotton and sweat-wicking silk.

Versatile Rompers

If I could only wear one item of clothing for the entire season, it would be a romper. You can dress it up with heels or pop over a denim jacket for brunch. You don’t have to worry about a wind moment, and it’s the easiest outfit to put together because it’s all one piece. Typically, a romper with a fitted waist is going to be the most flattering and will show off the fact that you’re actually wearing a romper.


Breathable Fabrics for Work

I have never been inside an office that is an optimal temperature. You’re either freezing or sweating — there is no in-between. So, this summer, I’m investing in breathable, lightweight fabrics that don’t cause me to sweat but won’t be cold either. You can pair these tops with shorts for a casual day or with slacks and jeans for work. Bonus points for button-ups that actually fit your chest — it’s a hard knock life for basically anyone over a C cup in a button-up top.


Midi Skirts

The midi skirt has been everywhere the past year or so, and I predict we’ll see them even more this summer. They’re the perfect way to add a little glam to an outfit that is still modest and comfortable. From florals to animal prints to fun colors to different fabrics, there are so many ways to go about this look. My favorite way to pair a midi skirt is with a simple plain white tee and some sneakers or sandals; however, you can easily dress it up with a belted blazer or blouse tucked in.


Wide Leg Pants

I never thought I’d stray from my skinny jeans. I assumed a wide pant would make me look, well, wide. Then, I tried them. There’s no looking back. Sayonara, skinny pants, you won’t be missed! These are the most comfortable way to wear pants in the summer. They’re breezy, soft, and pair with pretty much anything. The only tricky styling sitch is shoes, but I’d say you can pretty much get away with any sandal, flat, or mule!


Tie Waist Wide Leg Ankle Pants

2 colors available


Emmett Wide-Leg Crop Pants

11 colors available


Wide Leg Pant

3 colors available


Detailed One-Piece Swimsuits

You can’t talk about summer essentials without a swimsuit. While I really thought about including a two-piece here (so many plus-size women are terrified to rock a two-piece, and I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, and you’ll get there one day!), my one-pieces are the swimsuits that hold my heart. Not only do I feel equally as confident and sexy in a one-piece, but I feel more comfortable — I’m never worrying about anything spilling out, and it makes the walk to and from the beach a breeze. (My trusty denim cut-offs are the perfect cover-up!) This season, there are so many amazing plus-size swim options out there aside from the typical black classic one-piece. Look for interesting details like a belt, ruffles, or cut-outs to amp up a solid swimsuit.


Tell us — what can you absolutely not live without during the summer?!