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3 Secrets We Learned About Outer Banks When We Interviewed the Cast

written by EMMA GINSBERG

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The entire Everygirl team has been huge fans of the dramatic Netflix series since day one (peep this Outer Banks-inspired fashion article from a couple years ago) and we know readers are too. So when we had the chance to interview a couple of the leads (lead Pogues, nonetheless) on The Everygirl Podcast, we were pretty pumped. On this special bonus episode, Josie sits down for a special interview with Madison Bailey and Carlacia Grant, who play Kiara and Cleo on the show. Since Outer Banks season 3 hits Netflix on February 23, Madison and Carlacia spill the beans on behind-the-scenes stories, their self-care rituals while filming, and how they booked the show. Read on for a few of the secrets we learned about Outer Banks when we interviewed Madison Bailey and Carlacia Grant, and listen to The Everygirl Podcast for the full interview.


1. Keep trying until you get a “yes”

For both of the core cast members, the audition process was not easy breezy. After working during her early teens to try out a career in modeling, Madison tried out for the role of Kiara by sending in her audition tape, but heard nothing back. “They sent a re-release, which basically means that they didn’t find anybody that they liked in the first round of tapes, and they were seeking more options. They said, ‘Do not submit anybody who has already auditioned,’ and my reps were like, ‘Do it anyway,’” Madison laughed. After submitting an audition tape for the second time, she finally got the part.

Similarly, Carlacia didn’t hear back for a while after she first tried out to be on season 2 of Outer Banks, and submitted her audition tape multiple times before being called back to do a chemistry read for the role of Cleo. “A month went by and I didn’t hear anything, but they already knew that I was casted,’” Carlacia said. If we needed any further proof that stars are just like us, both Madison and Carlacia had to give their auditions a second shot, but it clearly paid off. Lesson learned: Keep trying until you get a “yes.”


2. IRL friendships means lots of silly outtakes on set

Any true fan of Outer Banks knows that the cast has been super close ever since season 1. And according to Madison and Carlacia, not much has changed in the filming of the following two seasons. As Madison said on The Everygirl Podcast, the actors are always professional once the director calls “Action,” but things can get pretty goofy in between takes. “If someone says something funny, it can be hard to reign it back in,” Madison said. “If something happens between a take, it just takes a little bit longer to get back into it and get the giggles out.” While they both agreed on which cast member is the biggest prankster (spoiler: it’s Austin North who plays Topper), they said every member of the Outer Banks cast can be goofy when the camera isn’t rolling, because they’re all so close and comfortable with each other. “We all have our moments,” Carlacia laughed.


3. The actors have vigorous self-care rituals when they are filming

It wouldn’t be an Everygirl Podcast interview without some questions about Madison and Carlacia’s self-care routines and rituals. According to both of them, self-care is especially important when they are filming, because many of the scenes can be so physically exhausting (read: lots of sprinting through fields, hiding in small places, acting through plane crashes and gun shots…the usual). “If my body hurts a lot from the physicality of the show, I’ll do some TLC on the weekends like book a massage,” Madison said.

Both actors are especially thorough with their skincare when filming, since so much of Outer Banks is filmed in the sun. “I go to the spa all the time when we’re filming,” Carlacia said. “I go to the chiropractor, I really try to drink a lot of water, because we’re always running around and I need to keep my skin hydrated.…I make sure I chill in moments when I can chill.” We love some self-care queens! Listen to the full interview for more secrets and BTS tea.