Use This, Not That: This Body Exfoliator Will Make You Finally Say Goodbye to Your Loofah

Source: Luv Scrub
Source: Luv Scrub

It’s 2021, and skincare is finally having its moment. Whether it’s double cleansing or skincare for men, everyone is talking about skincare. The majority of the time, that conversation centers around facial skincare, but I want to shift my focus to the rest of my body. Enter: The Luv Scrub, a mesh body exfoliator for use in the shower that cleanses your body without worrying about all the gross aspects that come with other cleansing tools.

Unlike other cleansing options, which stay moist in the shower and can be a breeding ground of bacteria, the Luv Scrub dries completely and doesn’t hold all that bacteria you might get with a loofah or washcloth. Think about it: if you use your loofah every time you shower, you could be washing around that bacteria over and over all over your body until you switch to a new one. And who has the time to constantly swap out their cleansing tool? The Luv Scrub is the answer to that problem, so I replaced my washcloth with the Luv Scrub for a week—here are my thoughts:


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About Luv Scrub

The Luv Scrub is an extra long mesh body exfoliator that’s meant to replace your loofah or washcloth. It stretches up to 50 inches long, so you can easily get every crevice of your body without bending over backward in the shower. It’s made with 100 percent nylon, a highly stretchable fabric that’s known for its moisture-wicking abilities (which is why it’s often used in activewear), making it ideal for keeping in your shower without worrying it will constantly stay wet and breed bacteria. This product has been a staple in West Africa and smoothes and exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells while scrubbing your body. One Luv Scrub lasts up to 18 months, unlike a loofah which you should replace anywhere from once every four weeks to every two months.

Luv Scrub is a small, Black-owned business based in Brooklyn, NY. Each Luv Scrub is hand-cut, so each one might look a little different here and there. 


Ease of Use: 9/10

This product is super straightforward: take it out of the box, add water and soap, and you’re good to go! I folded mine in half to get started then sort of had it rolled up in a ball once the soap was in a full lather. Since the mesh is so long, you can clean your entire back with ease. I would have given it a 10/10, but I still have to get used to the feeling of it on my lady parts.


Cleanse: 10/10

I was surprised how much better my soap lathered in the Luv Scrub than it normally did in my washcloth. I didn’t have to add soap multiple times, and the soap was thick and covered the full length of the mesh. I tried it with both bar soap and body wash and loved the results for both. My body felt just as clean as using a washcloth, if not more so because of the added exfoliation. Bonus: this product will help with body acne too!



Exfoliation: 7/10

You don’t have to exfoliate every time you shower (you shouldn’t if you have dry, sensitive, irritation-prone skin!), but the Luv Scrub is gentle enough that you can use it every time you wash. Overall, my skin is normal to dry (without lotion), but I’m constantly in search of that “smooth like a newborn” skin. Exfoliating regularly is key, and the Luv Scrub makes it so much easier (and they even have a tutorial to show you how!). Instead of exfoliating being its own activity I do separately once in a while, it’s now built into my shower routine. I definitely noticed a difference after a week and can’t wait to feel how much smoother my skin will be after a month. 

If you want to truly exfoliate, you should use a body scrub or dry brush once a week or bimonthly, but the Luv Scrub is a good addition to your routine if you want a little somethin’-somethin’ every time you wash.


Sanitation: 10/10

The 100 percent nylon material doesn’t breed bacteria and lasts for 18 months before needing to be changed. After showering, I rang out the cloth to remove most of the water then hung it on a hook outside of my shower to air dry. It stayed clean and never had any type of odor.




Price: 7/10

At $18 per mesh, it is pricer than other shower products; however since this one product lasts for 18 months, the price is reasonable and more affordable than purchasing a new loofah every couple of weeks (or never again—I am now disgusted by what the heck is inside of those after a few washes). In comparison to washcloths that I already purchased, this is more expensive, but it saves me from washing washcloths every week.


Final Thoughts:

I absolutely recommend this product for streamlining your body skincare routine. It’s super easy to use and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. With summer right around the corner, I can’t wait to show off my smooth skin. If you like the idea of getting rid of your loofah or washcloth, check out some other skincare swaps.

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