Nail Ideas

Quiz: What Should Your Next Mani Be?

written by EMMA GINSBERG
nail ideas"
nail ideas

Not knowing what color to choose for your next manicure when you arrive at the salon is, frankly, one of the more humiliating experiences of our time. I personally have stood staring at a wall of polish for an embarrassingly long time, picking up various bottles of O.P.I., setting them down, and then picking them back up again. And when I’m handed a ring or carabiner stuffed with options for a gel mani? Don’t even get me started—I could sit there and choose for hours, wasting everyone’s time (including my own).

Thankfully, the internet has gifted us with quizzes (thank you, 2010s) that can decide things for us—including what our next manicure should be. Behold, four super-cute nail ideas for your next manicure, based on your spring ~vibe~. Chances are, taking this quiz will be shorter than the time it takes to choose your color at the salon, and it’s way more fun, so it’s basically a win-win.