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The Traveling Professional’s Guide to Staying Fit on the Road


Let’s chat careers: do you have a new gig requiring travel so you’re struggling with keeping your 10k training plan on course? Has your boss asked you to travel for a weeklong conference across the country? Or are you a professional who frequents trains, planes, and automobiles and the miles you’ve logged for work far outweigh the miles you’ve logged for your own heath?

Traveling for business can be long, rigorous, and stressful; no matter how much effort you put into staying the course, outside circumstances (bad weather, a client’s disposition), the regulars of traveling, changing time zones, and flight delays can affect how you stay fit on the road. The goal is to have a plan (a loose one at least!) to help guide you throughout the rigors of your travel schedule. Try these four tips to stay fit as a busy, traveling professional.

Drink plenty of water
Traveling by air, long road trips, and staying in hotels result in dehydration. Exposing your body to germs, different temperatures, and changing elevations take a toll on your skin and overall body water levels. Bring a refillable water bottle (like the Sportline Hydracoach) to carry with you onboard, in cabs, to meetings, and to have handy when thirst kicks in. Tip: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up every morning on days you travel to start your day of with a daily dose of hydration.

Pack healthy snacks
This will help avoid indulging on less healthy options when hunger strikes. Munching on almonds, an apple, or grabbing a banana with your pre-flight coffee at Starbucks will help ensure you are eating healthy. Tip: When you eat a salad on the road, rather than using the salad dressing provided squeeze a lemon over the greens to lose the unnecessary sugar and calories.

Prioritize working out
Check ahead and inquire if your hotel has a gym. If not, there are many options to completing quick, fat–burning workout in your hotel room. Wake up, workout, shower, and hit the road for the day. If it’s not winter (and you have extra time in the morning) take advantage of exploring a new city! Throw on your running shoes and get out for a quick run. You can find great running routes for local cities with MapMyRun. Tip: Try the Nike Training Club app that provides free workouts with music and images. Remember, regardless of where you work out, the quality of your workout is what matter most.

Order wisely
When you sit down for dinner at a restaurant, take a moment to think before you choose. Say no to bread and butter; order dressing and sauces on the side; hold the butter; skip the extras like bacon and cheese; replace fries with a side salad or grilled vegetables; skip soda and stick with water; eat only what you are hungry for, and ask the server to clear your place as soon as you are finished. Dining out and making good meal choices is in your control!

Remember, staying healthy on the road can be done; stay mindful of your goals, and for optimum results use the above tips even when you aren’t traveling.

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