The Trendy Summer Piece You Should Invest In Based on Your Zodiac Sign


In a perfect world, as seasons came and went, our closets would magically transition to having a perfect selection of on-trend pieces. We wouldn’t need to shell out full paychecks or dig in to every publication’s trend articles to figure out which pieces we wanted to invest in.

But alas, trends often come and go quicker than we can keep track of, and by the time we finally pull the trigger on a piece, it’s already out of style. Playing the trend game is hard, so we’re helping you eliminate the mental effort by choosing which piece you should invest in in our favorite way: by your Zodiac sign. 

Whether you’re daring and fearless in your fashion choices or prefer sticking closer to the classics, there’s a summer 2020 trend for you. Here’s which one you should commit to, according to the stars:


Aries love to stand out, and definitely aren’t afraid to try the trends everyone else is intimidated by. The summer 2020 trend that’s absolutely made for them? You guessed it: neon. Swap your favorite neutral piece out for a similar, neon-hued one and draw everyone’s eye all day long.

Tauruses are all about luxury and the finer things in life, which makes the puff-sleeved trend the one for them. It’s about the easiest trend to rock: just swap out your normal tee for one with more eye-catching sleeves, and head out the door. Done and done.

Geminis are the ones who don’t mind self-isolation because of their go-with-the-flow nature and low-key tendencies. The trend that’s made for chilling? Sweatshorts. With the warm weather that’s finally graced us with its presence, it’s time for Geminis to swap their sweats for the same thing—but cropped. 

Yes, despite all the time I’ve spent denying it, I am a Cancer. And while we’re known for our emotions and homebody tendencies, we’re also sweet and maternal and reliable, which makes us the perfect match for this summer’s babydoll dress trend.

Leo’s are poised and confident, and the trend that screams “you can’t bother me” the most? All linen everything. Head out to your nearest patio (while social distancing, of course) or lounge around your house in a pair of regal linen pants or a lightweight dress that could pass as a (very fashionable) nightgown.

Virgos are all about the classics, so if they’re going to be sold on a trend, it has to be one that’s still practical and versatile. The one that fits that bill? White sunglasses. They’re still a neutral, so they aren’t anything too out-of-the-box, but they’re chic as all hell and will pair perfectly with the capsule wardrobe they’ve been meticulously crafting for years.

Libra’s style is as refined as they come, but their indecisive qualities make picking out what to invest in a little more complicated; which means a versatile, wear-everywhere option is the one for them. Enter: the strappy sandal. Wear ’em day in and day out, and never over-analyze your footwear choices again.

Scorpios need a trend that not every pre-teen on the street is also trying to pull off; something that only the ones who really know what they’re doing are wearing. The answer? Bermuda shorts. No, they aren’t the bright, plaid ones you wore in middle school—in 2020, they’re refined, chic, and bring a sense of sophistication to any outfit.

My work wife and real-life friend Beth is a Sag, and every time she used to walk into our office (weren’t those the days), she’d be wearing her own twist on the absolute best trends of the season. What can we say? Sagittarians aren’t afraid of anything, and they need to be the center of attention. The 2020 trend for them: something sheer that they can make their own.

Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined, which means they’re well-equipped to deal with an addition to their wardrobe that needs a little more care. This season’s luxurious embroidered details and pieces made from eyelet lace will give them the responsibility they crave.

Aquarians are always down for a little bit of fun and never shy away from a bright color or anything that’s a little eccentric. Summer’s denim jumpsuits are the perfect way for them to express their individuality.

Pisces are kind, empathetic, and compassionate, which probably means their nature doesn’t pull them to an all-black ensemble or the super edgy pieces of the moment. Instead, a knitted piece is the perfect way for them to stand out in an approachable Pisces fashion.