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Every Wellness Essential I Always Pack in My Carry-On


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When it comes to travel, I consider myself somewhat of an expert (humble brag). I’m that girl on the plane with the highly-organized carry-on, filled with every possible essential you could need. I have a go-to travel outfit (sweatsuit and sneakers), packing squares are my best friend, and I am always looking for the best travel deals. All this to say, I have curated a list of wellness essentials over the years that keep me hydrated and healthy. In other words, they are my must-haves while traveling, no matter where I’m going or the length of my trip. So the next time you’re planning a trip, consider packing these 10 products for a stress-free vacay. 



Immune Support Packets

It’s no surprise that travel can take a toll on the body. We’re not on our regular routines and probably sleeping less and indulging a little more. For this reason, I always have these packets on hand. I want to enjoy every moment of my vacation, so these packets ensure that if I start to feel a little under the weather, I get a quick boost of vitamin C and elderberry.

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Athletic Greens
AG1 Travel Packs

You’ve probably seen the ads for various greens powders and wondered if they're actually worth trying. I am here to tell you, this one is 100 percent worth the hype. Getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can be tricky, and while traveling, it can sometimes be nearly impossible. I can't tell you the number of times I've spent searching an airport for a salad or been in a country that survives off of bread and cheese (I still love you, Paris), only to realize vegetables are nowhere to be found. This has made my greens powder an essential item in my carry-on. I simply add a couple of scoops to some water whenever I am feeling tired or craving vegetables, and I instantly feel refreshed.

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Summer Fridays
Jet Lag Mask

There’s a reason they call it the "Jet Leg Mask." Nothing dehydrates your skin more than travel—from hours spent on an airplane to changes in weather. Trying to ensure your skin gives off a Hailey Bieber glazed donut glow while traveling is a feat, but I swear by this mask to help do the trick. Sometimes I will apply it just under my eyes or I will treat it as a face mask and leave it on for the duration of a flight. I may get a couple of side glances from my neighbors, but my skin is always left hydrated when I walk off the plane. 

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Sleep Capsules

I’ve spent many years trying to conquer jet lag and searching for the best tips and tricks to avoid it. I’ve tried melatonin, magnesium, and CBD for sleep, but my favorite, by far, has been the Arrae sleep capsules. When you’re in a different time zone and can’t fall asleep on your own, it’s useful to have an aid to help you adjust. These sleep capsules help me fall asleep faster and don't leave me with the lethargic feeling I get from taking melatonin. Lack of sleep can impact our immune system, nervous system, and overall well-being. It’s important to get enough sleep while traveling, and these capsules help do the trick.

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32 oz Bottle

Remember the days when we all had regular-sized water bottles? We’d have to refill them over and over again, especially in the summer. Purchasing this water bottle has been life-changing for me while traveling. I no longer have to wait for the flight attendant to come around with a tiny cup of water (you know what I’m talking about) or make a pit stop on a road trip to refill. Staying hydrated is so important while traveling. It keeps our skin looking fresh and our immune systems strong, and this water bottle has been a key factor in all of the above.

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Unseen Sunscreen

Did you know that every year the UV rays increase and thus, the risk of sunburns? Your skin is your largest organ and protecting it should always be top of mind. There are so many different sunscreens to choose from, but Supergoop! is one of my favorites.  Lightweight and oil-free with an SPF 40 protection, it leaves my skin feeling healthy and, most importantly, break-out free. While I usually opt for a sunnier travel spot, I always have this sunscreen on hand no matter my destination. 

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Beats by Dre
Wireless Headphones

I have not once regretted purchasing my noise-canceling headphones. When you are stuck on a plane in the middle of the night and struggling to fall asleep because of all the noise, you’ll be thankful to have them. Sometimes you need to escape the busyness of travel and take a moment for yourself to unwind and relax. Being able to put my headphones on no matter where I am and disconnect is a haven I didn’t know I needed. 

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Everyday Sneakers

A good pair of shoes can make or break your travel experience. Comfort is key whether you are flying, driving, or walking. I’ve made the mistake of opting for a pair of sandals while walking through Paris, only to immediately regret my decision and the back pain that followed. The Allbirds Everyday Sneakers are not only designed to be worn everyday but are also versatile enough to pair with many outfits.

17 colors available

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Meditation App

I have always viewed my mental health as important as any other part of my body, and one way I take care of it is through meditation. Even while traveling, I plan out some time in my day for meditation. The Unplug App has been a long-time favorite of mine for the diverse meditations it provides, such as a jet lag meditation, anxious travelers meditation, and even a deep sleep for travelers meditation. No matter where I am in the world, I can find time to meditate with this app.

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Makeup Removal Wipes

If my skin feels oily or dirty, it affects my entire mood. In my opinion, there’s no worse feeling than walking around just wishing you could wash your face, and when traveling, it can be hard to find a nearby sink. Enter: these cleansing wipes. Whether you need a mid-day refresh or are without your regular face wash, these will do the trick. They’re hydrating, extremely soothing, and non-toxic.

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