8 Trendy Summer Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

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The second we have our first 70-degree day, I’m planning my new ‘do. Summer haircuts are all about light, fun, and breezy styles you can do in a moment’s notice that won’t make you sweat like crazy once the temperatures spike. This summer, the cool-girl styles you’ll want to copy are full of bangs (yes, you should get bangs), layers, shags, and more. Scroll on for all the hair inspo you’ll need this summer:


1. Classic Bob

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If there’s any hairstyle we’re eyeing all of 2022, it’s the classic bob. Selena Gomez debuted a bob this year that’s made us pine after this classic ‘do that truly looks good on all hair types, and you can add bangs for some extra texture. Flip your straight hair in for a Parisian vibe or let your natural texture add lots of volume for curly/coily hair. 


2. Wispy Bangs

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Bangs have taken over the hair world in the last few years, and we’re not seeing them leave anytime soon. 2022’s bang is a wispier, piece-y style with a lot of movement. All textures can wear this style, and it works especially well with fine/thin hair as well as curls. To style, use a blow dryer and a round brush to give them shape and put them in place.


3. Buzzed

There’s no better time to take the plunge into a buzzed cut than in the summer heat. If a sweaty neck and forehead don’t sound like your vibe (relatable), a buzzed cut might be the dream. We love this style on all textures, and it works well with all face shapes. Plus, if you’re lazy when it comes to doing your hair, this requires zero styling—a dream.


4.  Choppy Shag

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Combining two trends in one (wispy bangs and layers), this style is for all the cool girls out there who like to take a risk. This cut has come back around for a few years now, but we’re going to see it go a bit more mainstream this year, meaning now’s the time if you want to get in on the trend before it blows up (re: curtain bangs). 


5. Lots of Layers

Everyone from Barbie Ferreira to Hailey Bieber to Laura Harrier is rocking the long layered look, and this summer sounds like the perfect time to hop on the trend. You can still do all of your favorite styles (ponytails, half-up, braids, etc.)—just with a bouncy, ’90s twist. 


6. Pixie

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There’s no better time than summer 2022 to go for a pixie. This style is pretty much always trending, but we’re loving it on wavy and curly hair, especially right now. With lots of texture and volume, it looks fresh and new rather than your grandma’s go-to ‘do.


7. Long Locs

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Protective styles that keep Black and Brown hair in good shape during the intense summer heat that would normally lead to frizz are a go-to for a reason. Long faux locs are a cool way to add a fun style to your hair that protects your hair while keeping it trendy. We’re also partial to Chloe Bailey’s summery blonde, but long locs of all shades will be everywhere this summer. 


8. Textured Lob

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If you want a style with lots of movement and bounce for the summertime, adding lots of layers and texture to your lob will make it feel like a summertime style. We love this cut because it’s so easy to style quickly. Use a flat iron and curling iron to add some extra curls and shape to your hair if you have naturally straight or wavy hair, and curls and coils can wear this natural. Easy-peasy. 


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