New Year, New ‘Do: 8 Haircut Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023


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Source: @matildadjerf
Source: @matildadjerf

If there was a haircut of the year award, we’re confident that Rachel Greene-inspired 90s layers would win the gold for 2022. But it would be a close tie with the 70s-inspired shags and curtain bangs we saw over and over again. These era-inspired haircuts and styles from 2022 bring us to ask, “Where does hair go in 2023?” Will we see more throwback styles or will something new and fresh take over our feeds?

No matter where hair goes, one thing’s for certain: It feels damn good to start the year with a new haircut. Of course, “No matter what the trend, healthy hair and wearing your style with confidence are always in season,” said Global Hair Artist and Expert on Intro, Nicole Mangrum. To give you a few ideas to jump off of when you head to the salon, here are our favorites for 2023 and some tips on how to style:


1. Butterfly Cut

This TikTok trend will continue to make waves in 2023—especially as curtain bangs from 2022 start to grow out. “As we grow out our curtain fringe, we will begin to sweep the fringe more to the sides [while] still maintaining a center part,” says Brendnetta Ashley. To style this cut, Ashley recommends blow-drying the fringe with a medium round brush to create volume. This style looks best on those with thicker hair, but if you have thin hair and want a similar style, ask for face-framing layers that end at your chin. 

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2. Blunt Bob with Layers

The best of both worlds? We think so. A blunt bob with texture is what Ashley is calling “Bluntly Textured”. It’s chic, playful, and sexy, unlike the polished, clean version of a standard blunt cut. Plus, it is more low maintenance, which we love. Whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy, you’ll have practically no styling to do. Curly hair gals can smooth out with a straightener or blow it out.

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3. The Mixie

Aptly named “The Mixie,” this style is a mix between a mullet and a pixie. This modern take on the mullet screams 2023 cool girl and is the perfect way for those into the return of last year’s grunge style to lean in even further this year. This style is easy to manage, requiring little to no product depending on your hair type, but if you want to give your hair extra texture, opt for a texturizing spray.

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4. The Octopus

Yes, we know it sounds weird, but it’s so chic, fun, and unexpected. While it can be easily mistaken for a mullet or a shag cut, it is cut very differently than both of those styles. To achieve this shape, hair is cut to have more volume at the crown (like the head of an octopus) and longer, shag-like layers are cut at the ends (to resemble tentacles). If you’re wondering where you might have seen this haircut before, Billie Eilish is the queen of this cut and was the first to make this cool girl statement. To style, you can go for the “messier is better” look or blow it out with a round brush.

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5. Short afro

For those looking for a big change in 2023 or who want to grow out their 2022 buzz cut, this style is for you. We love a big chop for natural hair since it’s easy to style and a great way to grow healthy curls if you’re dealing with a lot of damage. Obviously, it requires regular trims and touch-ups, but the time you’ll save washing, drying, and styling will make up for the salon visits tenfold. 

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6. Fringed Bob

The bob haircut is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style—as shown with the layered bob above, there are so many takes on it you can rock, no matter your hair texture.  We are seeing lots of fringe trending in 2023 and it is making its way to switch up the classic bob haircut too. Thin and fine hair will benefit from lots of added volume at the ends, while medium to thick hair will feel lighter without sacrificing body. 

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7. Side Part

Not to get into a Gen Z vs. Millennial debate or anything, but we have to admit: Side parts are about to be it. This style can be worn by every single hair type and texture as well as all face shapes. If you think a side part doesn’t work for you, think again. Talk to your stylist about how far to part your hair that will be the most flattering for your face shape.

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8. Wispy Fringe

If you have curly hair, you know how well layers add to your volume. “A wisp of fringe is a little detail that makes a huge impact,” says Ashley. To keep these ends healthy, reach for moisturizing products like a rich conditioning hair mask.

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