The Best Under-$25 Finds at Sephora


So, I downloaded the Mint app recently. Oof. (Isn’t that what Gen Z says?) I spend a lot of mindless money all day long. Coffee in the morning, a breakfast sandwich because I was too lazy to make something, a pair of earrings on sale, an impromptu bag of pita chips — you name it, I buy it. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to stop spending. You deserve that breakfast sandwich, girl. However, I am telling you to get smarter about it. 

Of course, our wallets can get a little smaller every time we go into our favorite stores, and mine happens to be Sephora. I honestly want to be buried with a Sephora bag in my arms because that’s the only true love I’ll ever find. So, to keep up with my Sephora habit without going absolutely broke, I find budget-friendly options and alternatives to my favorite products and new things I want to try. I know what you’re thinking — Sephora? Budget-friendly? There’s no denying that Sephora carries high-end and luxury brands that cost a pretty penny, but there are tons of options available if you can’t (or just don’t want to) spend a lot. I found my favorites as well as the best deals — and they’re all under $25!


Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer, $22

It's hard to come by a concealer under $25 these days. This one is so creamy, and the shade range is impeccable (something you don't always see in affordable complexion products).

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Natasha Denona
Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $25

I'm OBSESSED with the Natasha Denona eyeshadow formula, and it's crazy that you can get it for this price. The palette is much smaller than her usual palettes, but who is going through an entire eyeshadow pan anyway?! This one is great for work, but it can easily go glam.

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Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $24

The best (and most famous) lip balm comes up at just under $25. Keep this in your purse, nightstand, makeup bag, desk — basically everywhere.

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Eye Fuel, $22.50

A good eye cream can cost hundreds of dollars, so for this one to come in at under $23 is amazing. This is especially good for waking up tired eyes after a long flight or nights when you get minimal sleep.

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Soft Volume Powder, $24

Everyone has been dying to get their hands on this brand since they launched at Sephora, and this volume powder is a great way to try their formula on a budget.

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Touch In Sol
Metallist Sparkling Foiled Eye Shadow, $18

I posted a selfie in this eyeshadow on Instagram a few months ago and got so many DMs asking what it was. (Do I sound like a super famous influencer right now? *hair flip*) These come in a bunch of shimmery, foiled shades that give a shine to the lids with or without other eyeshadows.

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BECCA Cosmetics
Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini, $22

Becca's highlighter is a cult-favorite for a reason, but at $40 a pop, it's a little difficult to shell out the cash. Because you use so little highlighter, it's hard to go through a huge pan — that's why Becca came out with their highlighters in minis! You can try multiple shades for the same price as trying a full-size.

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Summer Fridays
Jet Lag Mask Mini, $25

We've been posting about this mask since it launched, and it's an editor and reader favorite! If you're not ready to splurge on the full-size (or just want something good to throw in your travel bag), this mini is great.

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Pat McGrath Labs
LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio, $25

Pat McGrath is one of the most famous makeup artists right now, and her line is quite expensive (but so, so good). You can try three shades of her (and I can not stress this enough) AMAZING lipstick formula for less than one full-size lipstick. Then, if you decide you love it, you can make the splurge.

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Ambient Lighting Blush Mini, $25

I'll be honest, I have spent $40 on a blush a few times, but I try to limit that as often as possible. On the topic of mini products, a mini blush is a great way to try new shades and formulas without spending an arm and a leg (and maybe half of your torso) on a full-size blush I'll never get through. This formula is truly one-of-a-kind — you have to try it to believe it.

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Nude Metallics For Eyes, $25

The easiest way to amp up your eye makeup (especially on the go) is with these shadow sticks. All you have to do is smudge the pencil across the eye lid, and you're good to go. This set gives you three different shades to try.

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Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, $20

This is the best dry shampoo on the planet, and I will fight to the death anyone who tries to say another one is (many of my coworkers live and breathe the Living Proof one!). This one actually makes my hair feel clean, and it keeps the oil at bay all day long.

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Photo Finish Primerizer Mini, $15

This Smashbox primer is incredible, but the mini size is actually a better deal. The mini is half the amount of the full-size, so if you buy two minis, it comes out to $10 cheaper than the full-size product. We love a good hack, and this is one is truly my favorite.

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Cheek Pop Blushes, $25

This blush comes in so many different shades, and the formula is amazing. It isn't too pigmented that you look like a clown when you first put it on, but the colors still show up with enough intensity.

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Sephora Collection
10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation, $20

Finding a foundation at Sephora under $25 isn't an easy feat, but I was determined and literally bought this one to see if it was good enough to include on this list. IT IS. This is just as good as foundations double the price — it has a natural finish almost leaning on dewy, and it never seeps into fine lines. The staying power is also a huge plus of this foundation!

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