Reviewed: Our Sex Writer’s Favorite Vibrator of 2021

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I don’t think you know what an orgasm is until you’ve tried sex toys. Hands, fingers, and other extremities will get you there, of course, with some added human connection, no less. But the work of a vibrator is just otherworldly. Regardless of if you have a vagina or a penis, you can’t deny that those sensations feel different. But there are so many vibrators on the market—how do you possibly choose one? As a sex writer, my recommendation is always something with a little versatility, and the coolest vibrator I got my hands on recently is from We-Vibe: the Touch X.

Part sex toy, part skincare device, the We-Vibe has pretty much every other one beat in the area of intrigue. I tested it (for science) and am sharing my full review:




About the Vibrator


The Touch X vibrator is a petite, clitoral stimulation vibrator that isn’t meant to be inserted. It has eight intensity levels with seven different modes of vibration so you can play around and test what gets you there the best. You can use it on your own or easily with a partner due to its small design.

It’s rechargeable via USB, and you get 120 minutes of play for one charge. It’s also waterproof so you can easily bring it into the shower with you (and a partner!). Because it’s made of silicone, you can only use water-based lubes and other products with this vibrator.

One of the coolest features of the We-Vibe is that it has a travel lock. Ever brought your vibrator on a family trip and worried that throwing it in the backseat would turn it on, and the next thing you know, your little brother is asking why your suitcase is buzzing? (Just me?) Before tossing this vibe into your bag, turn on the travel lock so it won’t accidentally switch on. Genius.




The Touch X has every feature you want in a vibrator: the ease of charging, how long the battery lasts (I’ve used this over a handful of times now and haven’t even pulled the charger out of the box yet), the sleek design, the revolutionary travel lock, the varying intensities, that it’s waterproof—I mean, I could go on. Since I got this, I haven’t picked up another vibe. 


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This is easily the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used. A lot of vibrators are really quiet when they’re pressed against your body, but the second you pull them away, they go haywire and wake every innocent bystander in your apartment complex. This one is quiet from the second you turn it on. This will officially be my travel vibrator because I don’t have to worry about it waking up my friends in the room next to mine or—god forbid—being heard by my sweet grandmother next door at the family holiday party.




What makes this vibrator so special is its versatility. If you only know me for my sex writing, my first love is beauty, and I spend the majority of my day working as The Everygirl’s beauty content manager. So when I heard this vibrator (already a fantastic vibrator that you can use in the shower, charge easily, and bring on vacation with no stress) could also be used as an extremely multifaceted skincare tool, my intrigue levels went up ten-fold. Due to the design of this vibrator, its soft silicone material, and its varying intensity levels, it’s also a great facial massager to sculpt, massage, and relax your face. I started using this in the mornings to massage in my eye cream (the tip is the perfect shape to fit under your eyes), and my under eyes look so much less puffy and my eyes look less tired. You can also use it as an overall facial massager with your serums; it helps those products penetrate better and is so relaxing.


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There is something for everyone in this vibrator. The starting intensity is pretty low (which is what makes it great as an overall massager), but you can build it up to be quite intense. I’m not one for the extra patterns (just give me a classic vibration), but I like that the option is there, and I can see them being great for partner play.




This isn’t the cheapest vibrator in my collection, but I can look over the price because of how effective and versatile it is. If you want a really good vibrator that won’t ever let you down, sometimes you have to chalk up a little cash.


Final Thoughts



The We-Vibe Touch X is like the gold standard of vibrators. It has everything I’ve ever hoped for in a vibrator, and because I can use it as a fun skincare tool too, I’m using it more than I’ve ever used other vibrators. I recommend quite a few sex toys, but this is about to be my #1 rec for everyone, whether it’s your first vibe or 10th. Its versatility makes it a welcome addition to any collection, even my overflowing drawer. 


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