10 Essentials You Absolutely Need in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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As someone who has been a maid of honor twice, a bridesmaid for two other weddings, and a ring bearer (long story), I’m very familiar with wedding-day mishaps. Wardrobe malfunctions, beauty blunders, spills and stains, allergic reactions—they’re all par for the course. While you can’t be prepared for every problem you might encounter on your wedding day, a little preparation can go a long way. To ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible, a well-stocked wedding day emergency kit is an absolute must. 

In addition to your basic personal-care items (deodorant, hairspray, dental floss, makeup for touch-ups), there are a few important extras you might not have thought of. But trust me, you’ll want them on-hand when disaster strikes. Whether you’re the bride, a member of the wedding party, or simply a very thoughtful guest, these are the essentials you need in your wedding day emergency kit.



Heel Protectors

Outdoor wedding? You’re going to need a pair of these. They slip over the ends of your shoes and stop your heels from sinking into grass or getting stuck in a sidewalk crack. I wore them for my sister’s outdoor wedding and can attest that they saved my shoes (and my ankles) as I was sprinting across soggy grass before the ceremony. 10/10.


Travel-Size Steamer

This CHI handheld steamer is always on my must-pack list when I’m heading to a wedding. The compact size and drawstring travel bag make it super easy to take on the go—or pass off to the groomsman who forgot to hang up his suit.


Miniature First Aid Kit

This travel-size first aid kit comes stocked with everything you need to handle bumps, scratches, and other minor mishaps before they derail the day. The cute metal case is just a bonus.


Deodorant-Removing Sponge

No one wants a white streak of deodorant running across their dress. Brush this sponge over the mark to quickly make it disappear—no soap or water necessary.


Blister Balm

This might look like a travel-size deodorant, but it’s actually your new secret weapon against blisters. Before you put your shoes on, slap some of this magic stuff on any blister-prone areas (back of the heel, anyone?) to stop blisters before they start.


Wine Stain Remover

Stick this stain remover in your wedding day emergency kit if you plan on opening a bottle anywhere near that white dress.


Travel Sewing Kit

Stocked with needles, thread, safety pins, foldable scissors, buttons, and more, this travel sewing kit has you covered in case of wardrobe malfunction. Plus, it’s TSA-friendly in case you’re traveling to the wedding by plane.


Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Your wedding makeup won’t stay matte forever, especially after taking pictures under the hot sun or breaking it down on the dance floor. Dab one of these sheets on any problem areas to instantly absorb excess oil and shine without smudging your makeup.


Shoe Repair Glue

Don’t let a broken shoe derail your dance floor plans. This clear, fast-drying sealant offers a quick (and permanent!) fix for detached heels, loose soles, and other footwear emergencies. It works on all types of materials, including leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas, so you’re covered no matter what style you’re wearing.


Double-Sided Wardrobe Tape

Keep bra straps covered, prevent necklines from sagging, or tackle wardrobe malfunctions in an instant. Simply peel and stick, and you’re good for the whole day.


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