What You Should Read Next, Based on Your Favorite Summer Activity


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Source: @stephonashelf
Source: @stephonashelf

Summertime is upon us, friends! The days are longer, the sun is shining brighter, and we’ve got plenty of sunscreen on deck. (Seriously folks, wear sunscreen!) If you’re like me, a book or two (or three) is also close by. There’s something about this season that makes cracking open a new read incredibly satisfying. If you’re not sure what to read next as you bask in the sunshine, check out one of these based on your favorite summer activity—from lounging by the pool to avoiding all outdoor activities because air conditioning is your best friend.


If you like lounging on the sand at the beach:

book lovers
Emily Henry
Book Lovers

If you look up the term “beach read,” you’d find Emily Henry’s name right beside it. Yes, partially because she wrote a book titled Beach Read, but also because every single one of her books is perfect for sitting oceanside. This one, in particular, is great for those who love enemies-to-lovers romances and small-town vibes.

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If you like hitting the open road with the top down:

how to marry keanu reeves in 90 days
K.M Jackson
How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

Say goodbye to cramped airplane seats and hello to cruising down highways. You’re gonna spend enough time prepping playlists and picking snacks, so make choosing which book to bring along for the ride easy. When Bethany Lu Carlisle learns that her “forever crush” Keanu Reeves is tying the knot, she and her BFF head cross-country to stop the wedding. It’s zany and wild, just like every good road trip should be.

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If you like camping and can start a fire without breaking a sweat:

the counselors
Jessica Goodman
The Counselors

A lot can happen at summer camp. In this case, even murder. A fast-paced YA thriller full of twists, turns, and secrets, it follows three best friends at the elite Camp Alpine Lake, where a body mysteriously turns up in—yup, you guessed it—the lake.

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If you like jet-setting out of the country for a European adventure:

one italian summer
Rebecca Searle
One Italian Summer

Grab your passport and tissues. Katy’s mother Carole dies after a battle with cancer before their highly-anticipated mother-daughter excursion, devastating Katy. She decides to take the trip alone, feeling her mother’s spirit every step of the way. And before long, a younger version of her mother appears—literally. What follows is an emotional exploration of joy and grief throughout One Italian summer.

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If you like swimming in the salty sea water that surrounds a tropical paradise:

island time
Georgia Clark
Island Time

Island Time follows two very different families who find themselves stranded together on a remote island for six weeks. Insert queer romance, family secrets, and sun-soaked paradise. If you’re looking for something to escape with for a while, this is the one.

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If you like cozying up on your couch with a cup of iced tea and a book:

must love books
Shauna Robinson
Must Love Books

Nora Hughes has spent five years in an entry-level position at a publishing house, surviving layoffs, salary cuts, and annoying authors all of which have led to her questioning whether or not “dream jobs” exist. Part romance, part quarter-life-crisis exploration, Must Love Books is perfect for those days when you want to do nothing but lounge around thinking about what comes next.

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If you like brunching with friends:

mom jeans and other mistakes
Alexa Martin
Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes

What do they say about opposites attracting? In this case, those opposites are best friends, at seemingly different places in life, who move in together and start a podcast. One is an Instagram influencer with a fame-hungry mom, and the other is a single-mom navigating mommy groups and co-parenting with a douchey ex-fiancé. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to hug your friends a bit tighter.

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If you like spending time with your family, sharing stories—and maybe even some secrets:

memphis: a novel
Tara M. Stringfellow

Following women in three generations of a Black family, Memphis jumps back and forth through time, unfolding over 70 years. It tackles legacy and the lasting effects of heartbreak, racism, death, and also sisterhood.

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If you like listening to true-crime podcasts while you garden:

a good girl's guide to murder
Holly Jackson
A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

No lie: Pippa Fitz-Amobi would give Nancy Drew a run for her money. Five years after a murder rocked the 17-year-old’s small town, the inquisitive Pip isn’t quite sure the case is closed. As she digs deeper and deeper into the town’s secrets, all signs point to her being right.

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If you like attending music festivals:

the final revival of opal and nev
Dawnie Walton
The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

A fictional oral history, written by an ambitious music journalist with a personal stake in the story, this book dives into the rise of an interracial rock duo as they prepare to reunite decades later. It’s entertaining, but it also thoughtfully dissects the racism and sexism embedded in the 1970s music industry.

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