40+ Absolutely Gorgeous White Pieces to Wear This Summer


I remember when I was younger—thanks to Elle Woods, mostly—I was always confused about the notion that you should only wear white after Memorial Day. Was it really that much of a taboo? Why should a color that’s so unoffensive be limited to just a few months of the year?

Of course, I’ve since discovered that it is in fact quite a pleasure to wear white year-round (hello, winter white), and very few are offended by it—but that doesn’t mean that summer isn’t hands-down the best time to put it on. A flowy, white dress on a hot summer day? There’s nothing better.

Since Memorial Day passed weeks ago and we’re officially in the heart of summer, it’s time to wear all the white each of our heart’s desire, and these are the best white pieces of the season. Wear them on their own or pair them all together—you can’t go wrong with these.



Free People

Le Femme Tee

Show Me Your Mumu

Uno Bodysuit

Privacy Please

Blaine Top






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