Winter Got You Down? Here Are 8 Books to Read for an Instant Pick-Me-Up


While I’ll admit that I’m totally a bookworm year round, my reading time dramatically spikes during the winter months. On almost any given night of the week, you’ll find me sitting on my bed with a weighted blanket splayed over my lap, a gigantic cinnamon-scented candle burning, and a mug of hot tea–or, some nights, a glass of red wine–on my nightstand. Pure bliss, am I right? The weather outside may be miserable, and I may already be dreading my chilly morning commute, but curling up with a good book after a long day really does improve my mood. If you’re feeling less-than-stellar about the season and are looking for some page-turners to distract you, I can’t recommend the below picks enough.

Josie Silver
One Day in December

Being holed up all day doesn’t have to be so bad! Grab a copy of Josie Silver’s One Day in December, put your phone on silent, and crawl back under the covers for an hour or three while you make your way through this adorable British romance, which, of course, begins in winter. The delightful page-turner tells the story of a girl who spots the love of her life at a bus stop, reconnects with him in a less than ideal circumstance, and ultimately has to figure out if he’s the one for her after all.

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Jen Sincero
You Are A Badass

Need an extra dose of inspo now that the post-resolution stage has worn off? Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass is a great read (or reread) if you’re looking for a kick in the butt as you prepare to make 2019 your most successful year yet. Sincero addresses everything from forgiveness to indecision and gives you tips to move forward so that you can feel confident about all aspects of your life.

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Swan Huntley
We Could Be Beautiful

There’s something about this dark, gloomy time of year that makes curling up with a well-written mystery that much more enjoyable. I’ve been singing the praises of Swan Huntley’s We Could Be Beautiful for over a year now; it’s just so darn good. Fans of Behind Closed Doors will fall for this debut novel about a wealthy Manhattanite who thinks she’s finally found Mr. Right until she learns his dirty secret.

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Jolene Hart
Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out

Too busy meal prepping to finish a full-blown novel? We’ve got you covered. Flip through Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart to learn all about the amazing health and beauty benefits in some of your favorite foods--and discover some new, easy-to-make recipes--then hit the grocery store and shop a little smarter!

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Amy Kaufman
Bachelor Nation

One reason winter isn’t so bad after all? The TV! You spend every Monday night watching The Bachelor—so why not educate yourself about the show’s 17-year history while reading Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman, which features interviews with producers and contestants. Then grab some popcorn and tune into the latest episode while dazzling your friends with your newfound knowledge of how it all really went down at the mansion.

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Jenny Han
To All The Boys I've Loved Before Trilogy

Work may be picking back up, so reward yourself after a long day at the office by indulging in a light read that just feels like a hug (yes, first loves and college apps may have caused insurmountable stress during your teenage years, but they’re weirdly comforting to read about as an adult!). If you loved this summer’s Netflix hit To All the Boys I Loved Before, you have to make your way through the beloved YA series starring Lara Jean, Peter, Margot, and Kitty, and many more! Finish all three of Jenny Han’s books and then cue up the movie again for the full Song girl experience.

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Michelle Obama

Need some guidance from a woman who’s truly done it all? You’ve probably picked up a copy of Michelle Obama’s Becoming by now, but if you haven’t, know that it’s one not to be missed! Friends of mine on both sides of the aisle have loved learning about the former first lady’s personal, professional, and romantic (!) history while savoring this eloquent, intelligent memoir.

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Michael Tonello
Bringing Home the Birkin

Escape the dreary day-to-day and travel across Europe with the author of this nonfiction piece, which is all about everyone’s dream Hermès bag. In Bringing Home the Birkin, Michael Tonello chronicles his experience as an eBay seller carrying one of the most iconic accessories of all time—and the lengths to which he goes to keep his business running.

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Tell us your favorite books to read in the winter in the comments!