We Found the Best Home Decor Items at Zara Home

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When I think of Zara, I usually think of their trendy clothing and their website that is impossible to navigate. However, I recently discovered that Zara Home is not only way more organized than their clothing site, but it also has a ton of gorgeous furniture and decor for a pretty reasonable price—a match made in shopping heaven.

Whether you’re searching for a new duvet cover or even just some new bathroom storage, Zara Home has it all. They also have the cutest matching loungewear and slippers that are in my shopping cart as we speak. Looking to spruce up your space? We scoured Zara Home to find the best they have to offer. Scroll on for our favorite pieces for every room in your home.





Wooden Full-Length Mirror

2 colors available


Metal Hanging Frame

2 colors available

300 Thread Count Sateen Duvet Cover

Sleeping on satin not only feels so soft against your skin, but it also reduces wrinkles and helps your skin maintain moisture. This satin duvet cover is good quality for a reasonable price, which we love.

6 colors available


Living Room 


Terrycloth Armchair

This comfy armchair is so trendy and will add some character to your living space.




Double Height Tray

This decorative rack is aesthetically pleasing and the perfect place to store all your favorite spices or kitchen essentials.




Floral Earthenware Tableware

Usually, vintage-looking tableware sets can be quite pricy, but this set from Zara Home is inexpensive and still looks high quality.




Wooden Storage Unit

If you also have limited bathroom space, you know the struggle of trying to find a good place to store all your toiletries. This wooden storage unit at Zara is slim and will work well in small spaces.


Clothing & Accessories


Cotton Cosmetic Bag

Packing for your weekend getaway? Store your favorite makeup products in this adorable cotton bag.

2 colors available


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