The Insanely Affordable Rug Brand We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Source: @loloirugs

Repeat after me: An area rug is not an afterthought! Rather, such a piece can add major wow-factor to any space. It doesn’t matter whether the rest of your furnishings have seen better days; a well-designed rug will instantly help breathe new life into your bedroom, living room, or dining room, all while making the space look well-curated and cohesive.

But if you’re hesitant to make a rug purchase because you’re under the impression that a beautiful piece will run you an entire week’s paycheck, think again. I’m here to let you in on a little secret, which is that Loloi offers hundreds of rug styles that are affordable, gorgeous, and high quality. Whether you’re living in a temporary space or settling into your first home, you’ll certainly want to give Loloi a closer look. Keep reading to hear all of the reasons why I think this brand is truly the best.



What is Loloi?

Unfamiliar with Loloi? Let me give you the Lo-down (ha—I had to). Loloi is an extremely large brand that offers a whole mix of rug styles, ranging from soft wool pieces to woven jute ones. The Loloi rugs that I’ve purchased have had a Turkish-inspired design, like this, and they’re the ones I’ll focus on here—they tend to be the most popular on Instagram, too! These rugs are screen printed (meaning that the design was printed on, not woven into place by hand), and many are designed to have a vintage look.


Loloi is Ultra-Affordable

One of the reasons I’ve fallen head over heels for the Loloi brand is that the pieces are stylish yet so affordable. Given that I’ve spent my 20s and early 30s living in various rental apartments, investing in a rug that’s $$$$ just doesn’t make sense, since I can’t guarantee it’ll work for me as I move from one space to another. I like that while Loloi rugs hold up well after years of use, parting with them down the line won’t cause me any major anxiety because I’ll know I’ve gotten my money’s worth.


Loloi Rugs Are Everywhere

Though only wholesale customers can purchase rugs directly from the Loloi site, you can order one of these babies practically anywhere you’d shop for home goods. Major online retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot carry Loloi rugs, as do boutique home decor stores including Lulu and Georgia and McGee & Co.—just note that exact product names and pricing will vary from company to company. As someone who is all about efficiency, I love that Loloi rugs often ship out within just a couple of days and are easily returnable.


Loloi Rugs Achieve a Vintage Look Without the Hassle

If you’re a fan of home decor blog Chris Loves Julia or design studio Amber Interiors, you’re probably familiar with their collaborations with the Loloi brand, proving just how popular and versatile these rugs truly are. And as for what I appreciate the most about these rugs? Well, obviously what first drew me to these pieces first was their design; I love a weathered, vintage-inspired look. While I’ve shopped for actual vintage pieces in the past, I’ve found that the edges on such rugs are generally uneven due to their handmade nature and the general wear and tear they’ve experienced over time. That may not be a big deal to some people, but I can’t stand it when a rug appears crooked! While I’ll always have a soft spot for vintage rugs and enjoy checking them out in person, I’m a bit pickier about them and find them riskier to buy online. When I’ve purchased pieces from Loloi, however, I’ve never experienced any major regrets.


Loloi Makes One of My Go-To Designs

Lately, I’ve been loving the moodier-hued rugs, but my go-to rug when I was working with design clients was this terracotta colored piece. I honestly couldn’t stop recommending it to people—it fits boho, transitional, and classic spaces equally well, in my opinion. I used it in one of my apartment bedrooms and always received compliments.

So what are you waiting for? Loloi rugs are on-trend, affordable, durable, and a designer fave—and we all know it’s not often you can check off all those boxes at once!