10 Dinner Bowls to Try This Week

Meals in bowl form are so easy to enjoy! The combination of flavors alone are delicious (like these ten lunch bowl recipes that will give your coworkers major lunch envy) and they will leave you full and satisfied.

I wanted to share ten dinner bowl recipes that you can enjoy this week, whether you’re dining and drinking wine on your patio while catching up with an old girlfriend or you’ve had a long day at work and are in need of some comfort.


1. Grilled Corn Salad Bowl

Source: Green Evi


2. Layered Fiesta Taco Bowls with Vegan “Bacon” Bits

Source: Gringalicious


3. Baked Chipotle Salmon and Freekeh Bowl

Source: Eat Love Eat


4. Grilled Fish Taco Bowls

Source: Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish


5. California Chicken Avocado and Red Quinoa Bowl

Source: The Iron You


6. The Big Southwest Lentil Salad Bowl

Source: I Love Vegan


7. Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Bowls with Creamy Balsamic Dressing

Source: Reclaiming Yesterday 


8. Korean BBQ Yum Yum Rice Bowls

Source: Pinch of Yum


9. Nourishing Buddha Bowl

Source: Nourish Atetlier


10. Seared Tuna (or Salmon) Quinoa Bowls

Source: Whiskey and Soba


Tell us, what’s your favorite thing about enjoying a meal in a bowl?

  • Susan Hager

    My sisters are making fun of me mercilessly for singing Roar around the house. They’re afraid I’m going to get it stuck in their heads! I’m going with Roar!

  • Roar! 🙂

  • kat

    But but.. Katy Perry’s Roar is a bit of a knock off of Sara Barielle’s song…

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    I like them both! Must we make everything a competition? 🙂

  • Roar!

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    I’m going Applause all the way on this one. I may not always “get” what she’s doing, but I have to give Lady Gaga credit for being an artist.

  • definitely Roar!

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    I have to say “Applause”!!!


  • Definitely Roar (plus I watched Katy Perry’s documentary this past weekend and have an entirely new appreciation for her!)

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    How about neither? Neither are amazing songs, although they are catchy. Hopefully they both have something better on their upcoming albums.

  • I am in love with ROAR right now. I even just wrote a blog post about ROAR and what it makes me feel. http://livingmylifeasiknowit.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/monday-inspiration-roar/

  • love the look of all of these, love a good salad bowl

    Mel x http://mediamarmalade.com

  • Sofia Battaglia

    Loving #1 and #6!

    xo, Sofia

  • Mmm these all look so good. Now if only someone could deliver these right to my door 😉 In all seriousness though, I think you have just provided me wit dinner inspiration for the week.


  • The best thing about a bowl is that I can fill it right up to the brim! These ideas look delicious!

    Juliette | https://namastaytraveling.com

  • The grilled corn salad bowl looks so yummy!
    Adding this to my Pinterest board so I won’t forget this!!

  • These look amazinggggg! Made me so so hungry x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Rosevine Cottege

    These look so delicious!