21 Interesting Accessories to Make Your Bookshelves Wow

Bookshelves have become a place where we showcase more than just the knowledge we’ve picked up, but also our sense of style. Maybe you’ve looked at a bookcase before and thought: “How did they do that?” Well, attention to detail and curating beautiful complementary items is exactly how. And here’s how you can too!


Framed Art, $29-138

Add dimension with framed art.

Baskets, $7-17

Use decorative baskets to conceal more functional items.

Floating Orb Garden Kit, $30

This terrarium adds a point of interest and intrigue to your shelves. Cultivate your own mini garden that will last all year long.

Personalized Light Box, $45

Say whatever you want, when you want. Just make sure you #gramit

Gold Pineapple, $35

Maybe you like pineapples, maybe you like geometrical shapes or sculptures. Either way, show it off!

Instax Camera, $90

We love making everyday items decorative. Whether it's a vintage camera or your well-used instax, you can place it on a stack of books or use it to add height.

Decorative Vase Set, $58

Find a vase that provides some contrast in size to your other bookshelf items. This set (with varying heights) ensures you'll always have one that fits.

Coffee Table Book, $23

Books don’t just belong on the coffee table!

Magazine File Box, $10

Holding on to your old issues of Darling, but don’t want to keep them on display? These are the perfect solution.

Candle, $20

Because you can never have enough candles.

Trinket Dish, $10

Everyone’s bookshelf should include pretty trinkets they love.

Glass Shadow Boxes, $29

Shadow boxes are perfect for special items that truly deserve to be put on display.

Grapewood, $17

The organic shape of grapewood always makes it a great addition to a bookcase.

Sculptural Sphere, $29

With three different finishes, you can liven up your shelf with the precious metal of your choice. Our choice? Rose gold.

Agate Bookend, $24

Highlight some of your most quotable reads with these bookends.

Brass Canisters, $58+

Fill them with sand and finds from your last trip to the beach trip. We love them as a trio or single.

Candlesticks, $29

Candles or no candles, these can stay!

Wooden Bowl, $22

Prop it up decoratively or use it to display travel mementos.

Natural Crystal Geode, $19

These add natural texture and a little sparkle. Raw amethyst pieces will never go out of style!

Clock, $6

Never lose track of time while curled up a good book.

Tray, $55

Trays create separation and allow for a display within a display.

What items do you want to add to your bookshelves?

  • Chantel Felicien

    Love these ideas, too bad my books don’t leave much room for decoration, guess I’ll just have to invest in another bookshelf.

  • Riley Nowlan

    Love the lanterns and the shadow boxes!

    Thanks for sharing!



  • All lovely and great ideas! I especially like adding greenery and deco boxes, just gives it that extra oomph! x

    Chloe – http://www.soulandsparkle.com

  • Ooh, I love all of these ideas!
    Now… I either need more bookshelves, or less books!

    xx Bry Jaimea

  • “Because you can never have enough candles” LOL so true!

  • While candles and clocks are obviously a must, I’m in love with the floating orb garden kit. It’s such a simple way to add a touch of greenery to your office or home.

    Alexandria | http://alexandriadrake.com/

  • Nikki Laraja

    Oh how i love all things west elm!


  • I may be in the minority, but I like BOOKS on my bookshelves and nothing else. If I kept all that other stuff you mentioned on my shelves, they would only collect dust and be super hard to keep clean.