People Are Swearing This 30-Day Manifestation Challenge Completely Changed Their Life

"I am a whole new person," "I doubled my income..."
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Anything that promises you’ll double your income and transform your life sounds like a manifestation gimmick, but it only took one month for that to become a reality for TikTok creator Kristen Such after a 30-day journey she called the “Dr. Joe Dispenza Challenge.” Dr. Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience researcher and best-selling author of books such as You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter and Becoming Supernatural. Over the past decade, Dr. Dispenza has been a leading educator on the function of the human brain and how to reprogram thinking through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles. The modern-day wellness pioneer proves thoughts and emotions create your reality, offering a scientific explanation for manifestation.

From wellness celebs such as Lauryn Bosstick and Maria Menounos to millions of devotees all over the world, Dispenza’s work and meditations have been deemed “life-changing.” “I am a whole new person,” Menounos claimed on her podcast after attending a popular Dr. Dispenza retreat. “I am completely new.”

Such’s 30-Day Challenge gathered popularity because it’s much more affordable than a retreat and much more attainable than an extensive meditation practice, but its followers are claiming impressive benefits. “I have already manifested so much abundance,” said one TikToker who tried the challenge (known as @nicolavarlamos_ on TikTok). “I’ve signed clients, I’ve woken up to sales in my business… And, most importantly, I’m feeling very different.” Another TikTok creator, Annalise Johnson, said, “I’ve completely rewired my mind, changed my life, and changed my identity.” Convinced? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to try the Dr. Joe Dispenza Challenge yourself.

What is The 30-Day Dr. Joe Dispenza Challenge?

After a breakup, Such decided to commit to Dr. Dispenza’s meditations to feel better: She created a 30-day chart in Apple Notes and listed what she wanted to manifest. After 30 consecutive days, she received many more benefits than bouncing back from heartbreak. In a series of TikTok videos, Such claimed the meditations changed her life by doubling her income, manifesting new friendships, and transforming her mood after 30 days. Dr. Dispenza shares four types of meditation (sitting, standing, walking, and lying down) with guidance and sound that’s scientifically backed to rewire the brain. In a video, Such explained that even the particular tone he uses helps you get back into theta and gamma frequency, which is the brain state when you’re “manifesting” or self-reprogramming.

All you need to try The Challenge is 15-60 minutes every morning (or evenings if mornings are difficult) and a few different Dr. Dispenza meditations. Such says you can’t go wrong with any meditation, but highlighted her favorites in a video, depending on her needs. Looking to increase abundance or attract money and opportunity? Such creditsGenerating Abundance Meditation” for helping her double her income (she does it three times a week). If you’re not used to meditating, Such suggested going with the “Morning and Evening Meditations,” which she refers to as a starter pack (they’re about 16-20 minutes each). To achieve any other goal, rewire your mindset, or transform your mood, Such recommended “Changing Boxes” (the short version is 26 minutes) or “Tuning Into New Potentials” (59 minutes).

Dr. Dispenza’s meditations are for purchase on his website or Amazon. A few meditations (such as this 54-minute walking meditation) can be found for free on YouTube, which may be a good place to start to test out if Dr. Dispenza’s meditations feel right for you, but many creators agreed YouTube was not always reliable, as the available meditations are not specific and other videos you might find online may not actually be by Dr. Dispenza. While The Challenge is originally intended for 30 consecutive days, do what feels right to you, whether that means trying it out for a week or challenging yourself to go for 60 days.

“Your thoughts and beliefs may create your actions, but your actions create your reality.”

How does it work?

Change your negative thoughts

Dr. Dispenza’s meditations work by rewiring negative thoughts, therefore allowing you to rewire your life. “How you think and feel creates your state of being,” Dispenza explained on The Ed Mylett Show. The meditations teach you to observe your thoughts, identify what thoughts are self-limiting, and then change them. Dr. Dispenza’s research shows that when you practice replacing emotions like fear, anxiety, and pain with elevated emotions of joy, gratitude, and love for 10 minutes three times a day, you change your mood, break the stress response, and teach your body to feel safe enough to be in the present.

Visualize what you want

The meditations also use visualization, which is the key to manifesting thoughts into reality. “The act of mentally rehearsing something when you’re truly present, your brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here,” Dispenza conveyed on the School of Greatness podcast. Whatever it is that you desire—more money, a lasting relationship, happiness—imagine yourself already having it, take notice of the feeling of it being fulfilled, and hold onto and apply it. The key piece of success with The Challenge is repeatedly doing these meditations to repeat the visualization. “When you’ve ‘experienced’ an event numerous times by mentally rehearsing every aspect of it in your mind, you feel what that event would feel like before it unfolds,” Dr. Dispenza illustrated in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

… And then take action

While followers of The Challenge swear by results after 30 days, it shouldn’t be used as a quick or easy fix. The most important part of The Challenge is that you apply the emotions, visualizations, and thoughts you experience during the meditations to your everyday life to take action that creates your desires into reality. The Dr. Joe Dispenza Challenge is not magic; your income doesn’t automatically double, your health won’t automatically heal, and your soulmate won’t automatically appear because you sat still for 20 minutes a day.

Your thoughts and beliefs may create your actions, but your actions create reality. Intentional manifestation requires effort to de-program what’s no longer serving you. For example, the meditations may have helped Such get rid of limiting beliefs holding her back from making more money, which then allowed her actions to change to allow her to make more money. BTW, if you don’t manifest your desires at the end of the 30 days (i.e., you didn’t make more money or get healthier), it’s not that The Challenge was a waste; it just likely means you have more work to do. The bottom line: Your thoughts create your reality. Whether it’s a 30-day Dr. Joe Dispenza Challenge or going to weekly therapy, put in the effort to make sure your thoughts are serving you instead of holding you back.