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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s “Soft Start” Morning Routine Will Transform Your Entire Day


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Between her top podcast, Him and Her Podcast, her popular blog The Skinny Confidential, and the namesake line of Barbie-pink self-care tools, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is hard to miss. The influencer-turned-entrepreneur runs a lifestyle empire on top of being a dedicated wife and mother of two, requiring her to make the most of her mornings to prioritize her me-time. I wanted to get the skinny (pun intended) on how Bosstick gets it all in, so I gathered all of her morning routine tips. Spoiler: She’s all about the soft-girl energy in the A.M., and we’re totally here for it. 

If there’s one takeaway from Bosstick’s A.M. wellness routine, it’s this: “I don’t have it all figured out,” Bosstick acknowledged to PureWow. “Some days are a shit show. But over the years, I’ve been able to fine-tune my schedule to what works and what doesn’t.” Her regimen is just that: hers. “What people don’t understand is the reason I’m not stressed out 24/7 is because of my preventative wellness routine,” she affirmed. Bosstick’s morning routine is extra (and she’s the first to admit it). But she knows for her, it’s worth investing the time and energy so she can show up as her best self for her business and her family. That doesn’t mean your morning routine has to look like hers in order for you to show up as your best self. Translation: You do you, boo. Read on for Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s morning routine to draw inspiration for what might work for you, and (as always) leave what doesn’t. 




Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s Morning Routine


Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock

While Bosstick’s typical rise and shine time is 7 A.M., she’s not a believer in alarm clocks. In fact, she told PureWow that she despises them because of their negative impact on cortisol levels. Instead, she sets herself up for success the night before by winding down at 8:30 P.M. so she can wake up naturally. 


Check Off the Non-Negotiables

Bosstick’s a hardcore habit-stacker (see: James Clear’s Atomic Habits), and her non-negotiables in the morning are light, movement, hydration, and meditation. The first thing she does after waking up is make the bed, scrape her tongue, ice-roll her face, open the shades, and hydrate with lemon water and tea while organizing her space. If you’re wondering where scrolling through notifications fits in, well, it doesn’t—at least not for another couple of hours (that in itself deserves major kudos). “I no longer have the capacity or the urge to touch my phone first thing in the morning,” Bosstick informed PureWow. “This has been life-changing for me.”



Keep Skincare Simple

You’d think that as an elite beauty influencer, Bosstick would have a gazillion-step beauty regimen that takes up most of her morning. In reality, she prefers to keep it simple, even admitting to Marie Claire that she barely wears makeup unless she’s traveling. We already know she can’t live without her cult-status ice roller (a hot girl essential). But besides some good ol’ cold therapy, she laid out her simple step-by-step beauty routine for Glossy: spritz YINA’s Essential Mist, apply a vitamin C serum, a B5 hydration gel, and a de-puffing oil—all of which takes about five minutes.


Meditate While Habit-Stacking

Next up: 20 minutes of meditation, specifically Joe Dispenza’s morning meditation, with legs up the wall to relax the nervous system and kick in lymphatic drainage (see: habit stacking). While she’s partial to a solid Joe Dispenza sesh, she likes to switch it up, depending on what she’s in the mood for. “Here’s the thing about meditation: You have to do what works for you,” she expressed. “Sometimes, I love a Melissa Wood session or even silence. The concept of living in your future and not in your past has been a huge tool for me personally.”


Move the Body With a Walk Outside and Strength Training

Fast forward to 9:15 A.M.: Bosstick heads out for an hour-long walk to get outside, start moving the body, and connect with her husband and kids. She then heads to her gym to train with Austin-based Bodies By Brent (BTW, she’s been vocal that weight lifting has changed her life). 




Make Time for Wellness Rituals

Besides being an ice-roller stan, Bosstick is a dry brushing and red light therapy devotee. But her wellness hacks don’t stop there. Her IG “Wellness” Highlights give us a sneak peek into her other practices (see “Her Favorite Products” section below to shop them all), one of which she swears by: cold plunging. The protocol she follows is three 3-minute plunges with 2- and 3-minute breaks in between when she performs rebounding (read: jumping on a mini trampoline) to warm up and stimulate her lymphatic system, or she breaks up her plunges with 15 minutes in the sauna. No cold plunge bath or time for a whole routine? Turning your shower cold for the last few minutes can reap all the same benefits. 


Load Up on Supplements and Nutrients

Bosstick has many supplements and foods to get in as many nutrients as possible throughout the morning. “This is so random, but I’ll eat kiwi before I work out, because it does something to my blood sugar, with chia seeds or black sesame seeds or hemp seeds,” Bosstick revealed to Marie Claire. She loves a DIY elixir, namely frothing together Agent Nateur holi(mane) supplement and Athletic Greens with a glass of iced water, which she tries to whip up at 8 or 9 A.M. Later in the morning, she’ll make a “workout drink” which consists of Kion Mango Aminos Powder, Thorne Creatine, and Water & Wellness Quinton Minerals—in a Stanley cup, of course. To fuel her body after a workout, her go-to is a concoction of one cup of oatmeal, two scoops of protein powder, berries, and almond milk. 


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