The Essentials for Cozying up Your Home for the Holidays

Someone once told me that they thought of me when they first heard the word “hygge,” and it’s probably one of the greatest compliments of my entire life. (Except for that one time that I was called a “younger Brooke Shields” by an elderly man who I don’t think could actually see very well. But I digress.)

‘Tis the season to hygge, people. I’ve always felt like I would thrive in Denmark or Iceland where it stays dark and cold for half the year because I believe the best way to get through winter and the holiday season is to truly embrace it. Throw on the layers, build the wood-burning fires, and drink all the hot toddies. Keep scrolling for all of my key essentials to prepping your home for the coziest time of year.


1. Seasonal Plants for Extra Cheer

I’m a big believer that plants make one of the biggest impacts you can possibly make on a space. You can always tell what season it is in my house based on the type of plant life I have around (colorful and springy versus simple and evergreen), and this season, I’m all about this winter succulent from UrbanStems.  Also, if Cher from Clueless could send herself flowers at school, I can certainly send myself their Cozy Mornings Box, right? Okay great.


2. A Faux Fur Throw for Chilly Nights

Seriously, there’s no quicker way to transform your home into a safe haven from Mother Nature than with a soft, faux fur throw. (Have I mentioned that I live in Chicago? Winter is rough.). I prefer lighter colors to keep it neutral and bright while still adding an extra layer of texture.


3. Scented Candles to Transport You to Heaven On Earth

Source: @alainakaz

I would burn Balsam Fir candles all year round if I had my druthers. Honestly, there’s no better scent in the world to me, and it’s an instant reminder of the season and all of its traditions.


4.  A Set of Mugs for Cozy Beverages

Bring on the Hot Toddies, and step up your hot cocoa game! Curling up with a good movie at night just isn’t the same without a warm drink in your hand. I love the subtle gold detail on these mugs from Anthropologie.


Sussex Mug


5. Add Poufs for Extra Seating

‘Tis the time of year for socializing and entertaining, and nothing makes me a frazzled host faster than not having enough seating for my guests. I like to bring in poufs for overflow because they’re easily movable and make the whole living area feel approachable and inviting.


What are your favorite ways to cozy up your home for the holidays? Share your tips in the comments below!




This post was in partnership with UrbanStems, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.