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5 Smart Home Products That Will Help You Save This Year


Here at The Everygirl, we’re all about eliminating unnecessary costs whenever we can. It’s easy to just set up automatic payments on our bills and not think twice about them; but when it comes to our dreaded monthly energy bills, there are a ton of things we can do to cut costs.

I sat down with Lowe’s to learn about some of their key Smart Home items — quick confession: before this, I thought Smart Home items were only for homeowners, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. These items are meant to help renters and homeowners alike save on their energy bills each month — and conserve energy in the meantime! It’s a win-win for both our wallets and the environment.

With October being Energy Awareness Month, it was the perfect time to do some self-reflecting and see where my habits really could end up harming the environment over time, and Smart Home products provided the perfect solutions. Here are our top five products that we love, and that have provided a solution to daily conundrums in both our homes and our apartments.


1. Nest Learning 3rd Generation Thermostat

Nest’s Learning Thermostat is a WiFi-enabled device that can automatically adjust heating and cooling settings for optimal performance — meaning it’s constantly making sure you’re saving energy. You can also change the temperature through the Nest app, or with your voice through your home assistant (Ok, Google, can you turn the heat up to 74?). We actually use this in the Everygirl office, that way when we’re not in on the weekends, we can rest assured we’re not wasting energy to heat an empty room.

Studies have shown that homes with a Nest saved an average of 10-12% on heating, and 15% on cooling, with average savings ranging around $140 per year. This means that within two years of installing it, the Nest Thermostat literally pays for itself — it’s a surefire way to make sure we’re both doing something good for the environment and have lower bills every month. 

Lowe’s also offers the Nest Thermostat E + Temperature Sensor (an exclusive bundle at Lowe’s!), which allows you to make sure a specific room is the exact temperature you want – so you can say goodbye to reading 70 on your living room thermostat, but feeling like it’s the tundra in your bedroom.



2. Lutron Caseta Wireless Home Automation Smart Kit (light dimmers)

There’s nothing I hate more than coming home at night to a pitch-black house, (especially late at night when my roommates are out of town!). But, this kit solved all of my woes, because it allows me to turn on my lights from my phone — which also eliminates the need to set timers! It also has a light dimmer, which allows me to control the brightness of up to 17 light bulbs. Dim lighting is an entertaining rule our cofounders swear by; it completely alters the mood and sets an ambiance! (Not to mention conserves energy.)

Bonus: it takes less than 15 minutes to install, and is so easy that you can do it on your own.


3. Samsung SmartThins 120-Volt White Smart Plug

“Hey, can you check to see if I turned off my curling iron?” is a text my roommates get from me approximately every-other day. This smart plug, which works with a SmartThings hub or compatible devices with SmartThing hub functionality, is letting me say goodbye to second guessing whether or not I turned off appliances, because it lets me control outlets from my phone.

Making something in a slow cooker, but won’t be home in time to turn it off? No biggie, just do it from your phone! The best part? If a light or electronic is left on, it sends a notification to your phone to notify you to turn it off.

If switching out the light switches with the Lutron Caseta is more than you’d like to take on, this is the perfect alternative (especially for renters!) so you can control lights when you aren’t home. It’s an amazing option for people who travel a lot or get home late. We also love the Smart Plug as an alternative for controlling holiday twinkle lights so you don’t have to crawl under the tree or mess with timers.

Don’t have a SmartThings hub? No sweat! Lowe’s also carries a range of smart plugs that are compatible with everything from Google home to their own Iris home automation system, and even a smart plug that doesn’t require a hub!


4. Samsung SmartThings ADT White Indoor Flood Sensor

For homeowners, flooding can be a huge fear; pipes can burst or get clogged, and damage can be happening within your walls without you being aware of it. Even I get nervous that my upstairs neighbors may spring a leak that could seep into my apartment. This flood sensor can eliminate all your fears of flooding by sensing water leaks, which alerts you when pools of water form under your pipes. It’s perfect for any moisture-rich spot in your home, like your basement or under a sink. Plus, it’s small and sleek design makes it easy to tuck away, out of sight, out of mind.


5. Rachio 16-Station Wi-Fi Compatible Irrigation Timer

If you classify as a homeowner with an abundant amount of yard space, this one’s for you! This timer for your sprinkler system is controllable by your phone and tablets, and automatically adjusts to the weather, based on your local weather forecast, so no more are the days of worrying if you’re over or underwatering your plants or yard. And did I mention you can save up to 50% of your outdoor water use? Meaning you can save water AND money at the same time.


What steps or products do you take in your own home to conserve energy?



This post is sponsored by Lowe’s but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.