7 Friends Every Woman Needs

written by LYNDSAY RUSH
Source: ColorJoy Stock
Source: ColorJoy Stock

High school friends, college friends, single friends, married friends, church friends, work friends, gym friends, going out friends—this barely scratches the surface of all of the many types of friends women have.

Maybe it’s because we’re relationally wired, or because we’ve been at this friending game since we were in diapers, but we’re pretty serious about friendship. So it got me thinking about the types of friendship that exist and which ones are essential to our sanity and well-being and maybe livelihood. So, we made a list. Without further ado, here are seven friends every woman needs.


1. The Hustler

This is your girlfriend who is just killing it professionally. She’s either in your field or just an overall badass and inspires you to keep going after what you want. Not only does she own her own business or manage a big team in a corporate office, but she helps you think through what you’re doing in your own career. When you’re feeling stuck, need a tip on your resume, or want to share a recent accomplishment, she’s the one to go to.


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2. The No BS-er

This is the “hurts so good” friend. This one is always hard for me because I have the ego of a peach (bruises easily.) But, after I stop crying, I’m always appreciative of friends like these because, hot damn, sometimes you really need to hear the truth. This is the friend who asks the tough questions or helps point out that your boyfriend/boss/roommate actually has a good point. They’re not rude or malicious (of course, people like that don’t quite deserve the title of “friend,” now do they?), but they are not there to blow smoke up your bum. This friend is great because they keep you humble, help you to see a different perspective, and encourage you to keep growing and changing (which ultimately helps you as a human—promise).


3. The Nurturer

If the No BS-er is for when you need the truth, the Nurturer is for when you can’t handle the truth. Every woman needs a friend like this who will bake you brownies and listen to you whine about your date ghosting you for the 19th time. She tells you what you want to hear in the best way. She’s the soft pillow you sometimes need to land on when the world has stuck out its foot and tripped you. Again. This is your champion, your cheerleader, the empathetic angel who truly is down with you when you’re down, and ecstatic with you when you’re ecstatic.


4. The Bad Influence

I love this friend because she’s the pal who gets you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to lighten up and take risks. She’s gonna be the type to say things like “We might as well just get another pitcher of margaritas,” “Who cares, call them!” and “Quit your job, what’s the worst that can happen?” Sure, you don’t always listen to her, and maybe your parents don’t particularly want you spending all your time with her, but she reminds you that life is short and well, what’s the worst that can happen? (Spoiler alert: I am this friend.)


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5. The Opposite Life Stage-r

If you’re married, she’s single. If you have kids, she doesn’t. If you’re selling all your stuff and traveling for a year, she just bought a house. You get the picture. This friend sheds important light on what’s going on in other parts of the life-stage world. We have much to learn from women who are in different life stages than we are, and even though it can be a little tough to find time to hang out (chances are your schedules could not be more opposite,) you will always walk away enlightened.


6. The Social Butterfly

This friend gets you out of your PJs and on the VIP list. She is well-connected, tapped-in, and the ultimate connector. She will not only teach you the importance of remembering people’s names, but she’ll show you how to work a room. Oh, and she’s probably the best person on the planet to get you that gig, open that door, or set you up. And this friendship doesn’t just go one way either. Since she’s always invited somewhere, you get to provide her with a much-needed plus one, or home base, for when she comes back from fluttering and needs a break.


7. The Historian

Everyone needs a friend who’s been around for the long haul. She might be a childhood friend or a high school friend, or if you’re in your 30s, even a college friend counts as historian. You two may not talk as much as some of your current besties, but this friend can tell you the who/what/where/why of most of your major life moments. She remembers everything, and for better or worse, will recall my life facts and history with ease. This friend offers the comfort of someone who has seen you through thick and thin and is not going anywhere.