8 Books to Read Before You Watch the Movie in 2018

So you’ve already experienced Ava DuVernay’s cinematic magic that is A Wrinkle in Time and watched J.Law play a Russian agent in Red Sparrow? Don’t worry; there are plenty more movies where those came from — from books, that is. Here are 8 film adaptations of beloved books you can plan to see in 2018… and these are just the films with release dates! (There are many others in the works we’re anxiously waiting to put on our calendars…)



1. Disobedience

You might recognize Naomi Alderman’s name from her 2017 dystopian hit The Power, but her literary debut actually occured in 2006 with Disobedience, a novel about a Jewish woman living in Manhattan who reconnects with a childhood friend. The film features Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz.

U.S. release date: April 27, 2018


2. On Chesil Beach

From the novelist who brought us Atonement (Ian McEwan), On Chesil Beach also explores the long-reaching ramifications of a couple spending one evening together — this time a couple on their wedding night in 1962.

U.S. release date: May 18, 2018


3. Fahrenheit 451

As if you needed yet another reason to read Ray Bradbury’s classic novel… Michael B. Jordan. That’s all.

U.S. release date: May 19, 2018 (on HBO)


4. Crazy Rich Asians

This opulent film featuring several wealthy Asian families preparing for “the wedding of the year” will feature the first all-Asian cast in a Hollywood film in 25 years (since The Joy Luck Club in 1993). If the movie is even half as funny as the book by Kevin Kwan, you’ll leave the theater in tears.

U.S. release date: August 17, 2018


5. The Little Stranger

Source: IMDB

This film adaptation comes from the mind of Sarah Waters, the queen of atmospheric historical fiction. Although she often writes Victorian novels, this story takes place in 1947 England and features a doctor who is summoned to tend to patients at the Hall where his mother once worked as a maid.

U.S. release date: August 31, 2018


6. The Darkest Minds

Can’t get enough teen dystopian trilogies (think The Hunger Games, Delirium, Uglies, the list goes on…)? This film, adapted from Alexandra Bracken’s book, stars Amandla Stenberg (also of The Hunger Games) as a teen girl who breaks out of a “rehabilitation camp” into a world where most youth have been wiped out by a virus… and where adults fear everyone under age 18 who survived.

U.S. release date: September 14, 2018

Alexandra Bracken

The Darkest Minds


7. Boy Erased

Based on the 2016 memoir by Garrard Conley, this film follows the journey of Jared, who joins a conversion therapy program after his family (including his father, a Baptist pastor) discovers he is gay.

U.S. release date: September 28, 2018


8. Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Source: Pure Wow

This quirky film stars Cate Blanchett as Bernadette Fox, who doesn’t quite fit in with her new community after moving to Seattle from Southern California. When Bernadette disappears, her teenage daughter goes to the ends of the earth to find her, learning much about her mother along the way.

U.S. release date: October 19, 2018


What movie(s) are you most excited to see this year? Tell us in the comments below!