9 Outfits to Wear to a Holiday Party


It’s that time of year again — the time to start RSVPing for an event every weekend, buying hostess gifts in bulk, and looking forward to your boss dressing up as Santa at your office party (or for your holiday bonus — we won’t call you Scrooge!).

Holiday parties are all about having fun and indulging (egg nog, baked brie, and just a few Christmas cookies), so your outfit should be, too! Think: luxe textures like velvet and sequins, rich metallics, and cozy knits. Whether you’re trying to look professional but cute at your office party, or festive and chic at your bff’s holiday soiree, these outfit formulas won’t steer you wrong. Make this holiday season your best one yet, with fashionable and easy outfits as the icing on the candy cane cake:


1. A Classic LBJ and Festive Accessories

You read that right: LBJ (Little Black Jumper). Trade your basic LBD for a a more weather-appropriate option (the pant legs will certainly keep you warmer than a dress!). For a fancier feel, look for a pretty neckline (like off-the-shoulder), and wear shoes with a pointed toe (so they stand out under the hem of the pans). A festive detail on your shoes or a velvet coat to match is a subtle and easy way to amplify your simple outfit.


2. The Blazer Dress + OTK Boots

We love a good blazer dress for winter — not only does it keep you warmer than most dresses (it’s like wearing outwear!), but the structured-yet-flirty style is perfect for holiday parties. Pair with Over-the-Knee boots to save your legs from the cold weather, and to give the look a trendier feel.


3. Textured Pants + Sweater

Isn’t there something about the holiday season that just makes you want to cover yourself in velvet and sequins? Make this fantasy a reality with a pair of pants in one of the luxe, wintry materials. Whether you choose sequined leggings or velvet pants, make sure they’re slim fit so as to not look overwhelming, and keep your shoes simple. A black ballet flat or strappy heel will compliment the fabrics well. For the top, a sweater makes for the perfect contrast with the pants’ material, and is an easy way to achieve an eye-catching outfit. You’ll turn Santa-hat-wearing heads while being oh so comfortable (and warm!).


4. Velvet Dress + High Heels

For your fanciest Christmas soirées, a velvet dress is the perfect option for a weather-appropriate, yet stylish outfit. Opt for a red, burgundy, or deep green color, and keep everything else simple.


5. Monochrome + Statement Necklace

What’s more luxe and fancy than a really good statement necklace? To make your favorite piece of jewelry standout, wear it with a monochrome outfit in a neutral color (we love all-white for holidays — it’s unexpected and looks effortlessly stylish!). You’ll look as pretty as the Sugar Plum Fairy, but just an Anna-Wintour-approved version.


6. Sweater + Pencil Skirt + Booties

Source: Style MBA

Turn your favorite work skirt into a fierce party outfit by adding a chunky sweater and bold booties. The chunkiness of the shoes and the sweater balance out the tight skirt, which is what makes this outfit look oh so cool with an effortless vibe. You’ll definitely be the coolest girl at the Christmas party.


7. Festive Top + Skinny Jeans

Because our skinny jeans will never let us down, why not make them into the perfect holiday party look? Choose a festive top in a shimmery or metallic material to dress up the outfit, and pair with a simple pair of heels. Whether you’re sitting on Santa’s lap, dancing to Last Christmas, or shoving Gingerbread in your mouth (we’ve all been there), you’ll look darn good doing it.


8. Long Sleeve Dress + Tall Boots

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t rock the Nutcrackers out of your favorite party dresses. Whether your style is more laid-back casual in a black long-sleeve, or more elegant in a midi silk dress, a pair of tall boots allow you to wear almost any long sleeve dress through the season.


9. Plaid Pantsuit + Kitten Heels

While it seems like the perfect professional outfit for your office party, it’s also stylish enough to work at a friend’s fête, as long as the pants are slim fit, the blazer is buttoned up (to act as the top), and you dress it up with dainty accessories and kitten heels (the perfect feminine contrast to the menswear ensemble). You’ll look so good, you’ll belong on a Christmas card.










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