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How to Beat Your Workout Slump (Because It’s That Time of Year)


We’ve successfully made it to August. I feel like the dinosaurs were still roaming back when I made my health resolutions in January. I honestly haven’t been to the gym all summer (apart from that one cycling class that I pregamed with large fries), and I know that as soon as the weather gets chilly, I am going to be even more unmotivated to work out. It’s funny, the way my brain works. The minute I feel bored with my workout routine, I stop making time to go the the gym. It’s unfortunate, and it’s something I will eventually learn how to stop doing. But until then, here are 10 tricks to help beat the workout blues.


1. Try a class you swore you would never go to.

Zumba makes me laugh hysterically. Not only because of the fact that it makes me think of my mom breaking it down to Justin Bieber, but because I hate to dance in public. I  don’t even sway to the music when my jam plays at my favorite college town bar (If you are wondering what it is — literally any summer hit by Selena Gomez). I hate dancing because, for some reason, I just look like a jangly mess of limbs flailing in the air. So when my cousin dragged me to Zumba one morning I literally wanted to cry. No freaking way am I going to be caught performing choreographed moves in front of a group of people I didn’t know. Turns out that it wasn’t horrendously bad, but it made me appreciate my ol’ elliptical. Moral: You might love it. Or you might turn yourself back on to what is tried and true to you.



2. Put it in your planner.

I’m a write it all down type of gal. Literally, if I could, I would schedule emotional breakdowns and surprise sick days. If you’re like me, jotting down a date and exact time for a workout can make you more likely to anticipate physical activity. Because it’s now part of your day, it’s one more thing to check off your to-do list. Type A gals unite!


3. Focus on what you want to change.

Even if you don’t have a particular “trouble” area on your body, focusing on what I want to change has helped me immensely on my quest to beat my workout slump. I’m constantly Pinning and Youtube-ing ab workouts. I’m constantly excited to try something new, because I want to see results.


Source: Ann Hair


4. Find a workout bud.

Find your bud and take him/her to your gym (Bonus points if you refer to them as your bud to the receptionist à la Aziz Ansari!). But in all seriousness, picking the person to hold you accountable is extremely important. Make sure that you both have similar goals and value each other’s company as you exercise. If anything, it’s motivational to have someone by your side.


5. Pick a workout show.

A great way to motivate yourself is to bring Netflix along! Pick an interesting show that everyone is raving about, and watch it solely when you are working out. Want to know what happens next? You are going to have to run another mile! I love using shows as time milestones as well. If I want to devote an hour, I’ll watch a Shonda Rhimes show. If I only have half an hour, I’ll stick to an episode of Sex and the City.




6. Remember what you loved as a child.

I used to honestly think I was a mermaid. I spent hours in a pool perfecting my back stroke because I was sure I would soon return to my oceanic kingdom. I feel safe in a pool. I feel challenged in a pool. So it only makes sense to return to the pool when I feel uninspired. Figure out what you used to love to do as a child. Was it running in nature? Try a hiking trail.  Or maybe ballet lessons? Try a Barre class.


7. Retail therapy can seriously change your mindset.

I’ve always felt that a new pair of leggings or a bright new sports bra gets me out of my rut of not wanting to go to the gym. Purchase some cheap athleisure if you don’t want to spend too much, and I guarantee you will want to show it off ASAP!


8. Hire help.

Take a cue from Khloe Kardashian and hire a personal trainer to keep you in the gym. These people are trained to help keep your eyes on the prize. Luckily, we all know someone who is a fitness buff, so even if you don’t want a certified trainer, you can ask your local fitness junkie if they would work out with you. You might be surprised by the great results!



9. Find inspiration.

From fitness bloggers to Instagram Live tutorials, we live in a world with inspiration around every corner. I guarantee that you can find a fitness guru that you resonate with and an online community that wants to hear all about your successes (Even if it means that you drank water instead of diet cola this week!). Check out our favorite fitness influencers!


10. Curate a Killer Playlist

Music is everything when you are working out. Find what genuinely makes you feel something. I find that when I pick songs that my heart resonates to, I’m more likely to actually feel more wrapped up in the music than the physical pain of working out.



Have you ever been in a workout rut? How did you get out of it? Let me know!