25 Designer-Approved Pillows You Can Find on Etsy for a Fraction of the Cost

written by HAILEY BOUCHE

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Source: Mandy Chang Design | photography by Madeline Tolle
Source: Mandy Chang Design | photography by Madeline Tolle

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality and unique decor, look no further than one of the largest online marketplaces: Etsy. It’s made up of tens of millions of products, which makes finding items that help put a personal touch on your home effortless, no matter your design style.

When it comes to home styling, we love to utilize pillows to add color, pattern, texture, and, more importantly, comfort to any room, but it is shocking how much some designer pillows cost. Luckily, Etsy sellers (the lovely creatives that they are) often recreate some of the most popular (and expensive) styles for a fraction of the cost, so of course, we head to their shops to get the best bang for our buck.

Since we love designer styles AND supporting small businesses, this is a total win-win. Whether you are a total minimalist, have a bohemian flair, or prefer something a little more traditional when shopping for pillows, here are 25 designer-approved Etsy pillows you can add to your home for a fraction of the cost.


If you love a natural aesthetic…

If you have a natural and organic design style, shop for linen, wool, or burlap pillows, and mix them with solid color cotton pillows in an earth-tone shade like tan or sage green. Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes and patterns here. That will only add to the natural, effortless feel.

Etsy | Jules and Tone

Dakota Pillow Cover

Etsy | Nordeco Living

Stripe Linen Pillow Cover

Etsy | Sebil Pillows

Striped Pillow Cover


If you’re dying to layer in velvet…

Layer throw pillows in rich velvet shades for a luxury look without the luxury price tag. If your style is more neutral, choose shades of beige and dark green. For a bolder and more contemporary look, opt for jewel tones like mustard yellow and navy blue.

Etsy | Soft Home Textile

Rustic Velvet Throw Pillow Cover

10+ colors available

Etsy | Soft Home Textile

Lumbar Pillow Cover

10+ colors available

Etsy | Port Len Home

Black & White Velvet Pillow

2 colors available

Etsy | Burk Home

Velvet Throw Pillow Cover

10+ colors available

Etsy | Home To Home Pillows

Beige Velvet Pillow Cover


If you live for bright, saturated colors…

Adding a pop of color with pillows is a great way to bring some vibrance to a space without the color being overbearing, and when paired right, they really liven up a room. Saturated shades of blue and green or yellow and orange, for example, will make your environment feel fun and fresh.

Etsy | Sand Snow Linen

Linen Pillow Cover

10+ colors available

Etsy | Lux Pillow Design Co

Coral Soft Velvet Pillow Cover

Etsy | The Perfect Craftman

Embroidered Tufted Pillow Cover

Etsy | The Pillow Cover Store

Woven Stripe Pillow Cover


If you’re drawn to a moody color palette… 

Warm red, blue, and grey pillows in traditional patterns make a moody palette feel comfortably lived in, and you can easily mix and match them to add another layer of interest.

Ets | Knob Thorn Home

Block Print Pillow Cover


Cordoba Floral Pillow Cover

Etsy | The Pillow Cover Store

Charcoal Striped Pillow Cover


Marigold Pillow Cover


If you prefer calm, neutral combinations…

A neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of keeping an eye out for the best color combinations, focus on choosing pillows in the same shades but with different textures to keep layering interesting.

Etsy | Sew & Cloth

Linen Pillow Cover

Etsy | Unlimited Textiles

Floral Pillow Cover

Etsy | Ohh SEW Darling

Beige Stripe Pillow Cover