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The Etsy Home Decor Your Space Needs, Based on Your Design Style

written by SARAH LYON

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No matter how you’d describe your design style, there’s a home decor item (or, actually, hundreds of them!) for you on Etsy. The website is a treasure trove of decorative pieces large and small. From art prints to textiles to unique accessories, it’s one of our favorite sources for home decor that feels personalized and one-of-a-kind. There’s truly so much affordable goodness to be found! 

No time to browse the site? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some of our all-time fave Etsy home decor products that would make the perfect addition to your space. Whether your style leans glam, Parisian, boho, eclectic, or grandmillenial, we’ve got you covered with these Etsy home decor picks!



Source: @goldalamode

You’re sophisticated, always in the know, and down for a fun time. You enjoy the finer things in life, and though you may not be home too often, you crave a space that embodies your vibrant, luxe-loving personality.

Etsy | Flovery
Peony Arrangement

Flowers that require absolutely zero maintenance? We’re all in. And these look so realistic that your friends will be none the wiser.

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Etsy | Mother of Pearl
Female Body Candle

Talk about a chic candle. This one is almost too pretty to burn—we don’t blame you if you chose to use it as bookshelf decor instead!

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Etsy | Celebrity Prints
Vintage Martini Wall Print

Dirty martinis and bold jewelry—name a better combo. This downloadable art print will transform the space above your bar cart in just minutes.

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Etsy | shoptart by taylor
Pink Veuve Coasters

Your apartment tends to be where the pre-party takes place, right? The next time friends swing by for Friday night drinks, surprise them with an elevated display featuring these stylish and adorable coasters.

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Etsy | Home Living
Leopard Print Pillow

A little leopard print never hurt anybody. And you know what they say, it’s a neutral!

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Etsy | Mulan Designs By Ellen
Velvet Blush Round Pillow

Because you’re all about getting cozy in style. Pick a color, any color from the nine options available, but we’re especially partial to the blush hue.

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Etsy | Fleck India
Set of 6 Solid Brass Coasters

If you’ve had the same coasters since, like, senior year of college, they’ve probably got to go. Treat yourself to a fresh, new, and formal set that you won’t be embarrassed to feature on your coffee table permanently.

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Etsy | K and M Stone and Glass
Handmade Marble Box

Place this box on your nightstand and use it to stash away hand creams, lip balm, pillow mist, and all of the other nightly essentials you need to stay fabulous.

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Source: @reserve_home

You dream of running off to start a new life in the 7th arrondissement, living in a quintessential Parisian apartment with a grand fireplace and a balcony to boot, oui? In the meantime, we’re here to help you make your current pad as chic and charming as possible. Start here with these ruffled pieces, gorgeous glassware, and more.

Etsy | Our Dining Table
French Style Ribbed Glass Vase

We love a charming ribbed glass piece. This one is perfect for displaying the fresh flowers you pick up at the farmer’s market (or, OK, Trader Joe’s) every Sunday.

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Etsy | Maison De Ginger Jar
Ruffled Marble Bowl

We can’t think of a better place to set our baubles while we get some beauty sleep.

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Etsy | Luma and Co Shop
Glass Photophore Candle Holder

Cover your candles in style with this ribbed cloche—très magnifique!

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Etsy | Heirloom Print Shop
Flower Painting

This gorgeous painting looks like it would appear in a downtown gallery, but the price tag makes it totally attainable.

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Etsy | Made By Lindsay D
Bendy Twist Candles

Bendy, twisty candles will add some major oomph to your coffee table and double as art.

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Etsy | LMDesign Co. STudio
Press For Champagne Button

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right? This mini "press for champagne" button makes for fabulous wall decor.

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Etsy | Cow Belles
French Bistro Match Striker

There’s no need to travel across the world when you can create that cozy French bistro vibe at home with one of these match strikes. We love how they appear ultra-vintage and authentic!

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Etsy | Venusse Art
Henri Matisse Poster Set

Grab a few and make a Matisse-inspired gallery wall. What could be more French?

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Etsy | Iezzi Design
Paris Arc de Triomphe Sketch Art Print

This black-and-white printed sketch is anything but cheesy. Pop it into an ornate brass frame for some extra French flair.

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Source: @em_henderson

Your space is chill, just like you, and you’re all about pieces that feature fun curves and a lot of texture. You like to kick back in a space that’s relaxed while still aesthetically pleasing, of course, and love to decorate with up-and-coming brands.

Etsy | Thai Home Shop
Boho Table Lamp

These little woven lamps will be the cutest addition to your kitchen counter or bar cart.

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Etsy | Paper Joys Workshop
Wooden Wavy Wall Mirror

Bring on the squiggles—this wall mirror is sure to be a showstopper in your apartment.

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Etsy | Indochina Decoration
Rattan Wall Hooks

Get your totes, scarves, and jackets off the floor once and for all.

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Etsy | Berber Blanket
Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

Your Netflix binges just got way comfier thanks to this pretty pom pom blanket.

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Etsy | Chic n Chill Decor
Set of 4 Basket Wall Decor

Add texture to your space with an eye-catching basket display. This set looks ultra-curated and can be added to your cart in just a click.

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Etsy | Harmann Concept
Turkish Towel

Don’t your bathroom hand towels deserve a glow up? We’re all about these cotton cuties.

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Etsy | Thai Home Shop
Bamboo Pendant Light

Swap out that builder-grade light fixture for something that’s full of personality. We can never say no to anything rattan.

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Etsy | knot craft art
Boho Wall Decor

Every boho gal needs a macrame piece or two in her home, and this design is one of the prettiest pieces of woven wall decor we’ve ever seen.

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Source: @home_ec_op

You operate under the belief that normal is boring, and you’re all about the maximalist lifestyle. The more conversation-starting pieces in your apartment, the better. We’re here to help you bring on the funk. 

Etsy | Terracotta Noon
70s Retro Print

Celebrate your individuality in wall art form.

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Etsy | Grace Oliver Design
Clay Knot

This figurine is the perfect finishing touch for that stack of books on your coffee table and is super on-trend.

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Etsy | Scanordica
Disco Ball Plant Hanger

Say goodbye to that boring hardware store pot and hello to this disco ball planter that will add pizzazz to any corner.

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Etsy | NestandnookDesigns
Colorful Art Nouveau Vases

Everyone needs a trusty vase for times when friends stop by with flowers. We have a feeling this one is going to be yours.

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Etsy | All Black Print
Floating Luncheon Print

This is a must-have because an afternoon spent sipping champagne and eating pasta on a raft in Capri is kind of the quirkiest, most awesome thing ever.

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Etsy | The Alpha Tribe
Yin and Yang Cat Print

Don’t you think this poster is just the cat’s meow?

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Etsy | M Margulies Pottery
Chip & Dip Ceramic Platter

This platter perfect for serving up appetizers looks like something you’d pick up at a trendy vintage store, but luckily enough, you can get it delivered straight to your door with just a click.

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Etsy | Premiu Mirror
Wavy Mirror

Put this wavy mirror in the entryway to let everyone who comes over know that your style is cool and collected (as if they didn’t know already!).

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You understand the value of an heirloom piece, and prints and chintz are the ways to your heart. Bring on the pattern play and frills—in your home, you operate by the philosophy that the more, the merrier! These Etsy home decor picks will be right up your alley:

Etsy | The Vintage Chic Place
Handmade Wooden Box

A vintage wooden box makes for a chic hiding spot in which to stash your monogrammed stationery. Who can resist burl wood as beautiful as this?

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Etsy | Linneri
Linen Tablecloth

This tablecloth will have you wanting to host a dinner party again ASAP.

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Etsy | Olive and Oak Prints
Botanical Sketch Set

No need to hit the flea market when you can download and print these charming botanical sketches at home.

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Etsy | Rae of Light Custom
Tortoise Shell Tote Bag

Sure, this is technically meant to be worn out and about, but we think it would look absolutely adorable stashing small trinkets or jewelry pieces on a dresser when not in use.

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Etsy | Krinto
Floral Designer Pillow

This patterned pillow is so pretty that you’ll want to grab three.

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Etsy | Side Bar Designs
Gold Framed Intaglio

A classic intaglio will make a statement, whether it’s worked into your gallery wall or leans casually on your bookshelf.

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Etsy | Cruel Mountain
Raffia Scalloped Lamp Shade

Scallops and wicker? No, we’re not kidding. This lampshade is basically a dream come true.

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Etsy | The Gilded Frog Shop
Reservations Pillow

You like your needlepoint pillows with a side of wit, after all. This one comes in grandmillennial blue and white with a LOL phrase to boot.

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