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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Vionic Shoes but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

Main Character Moment: 10 Items That’ll Upgrade Your Airport Outfit


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Source: Christine Andrew
Source: Christine Andrew

After more time of being confined to where we live than we’d like to acknowledge, many of us have flights booked and travel on the docket again. That means that 2022 is (finally!) going to have more “out of office” Slack statuses and hopefully even a few airport outfits to consider.

The phenomena of the airport outfit isn’t anything new—celebs have been treating airports as photo ops since forever and created a whole new genre of outfits in the meantime (We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve put on a baseball hat and athleisure outfit and thought to ourselves, “hm, I kind of look like a celebrity at the airport). Comfort certainly is the main priority in any travel ensemble, but looking chic and cool is a close #2 (After all, who doesn’t like to put their headphones in and pretend they’re a movie character when they’re traveling?).

Ready to upgrade your airport outfits and feel like an off-duty model on their way to a tropical vacation? Same—and these 10 products will get you there.

Zip-Up Sneaker

Airport attire really only has one true rule: Closed-toed shoes are the only choice for a plane ride. We always opt for a pair of sneakers for travel days, but lacing and unlacing a pair can get tedious when you're going through security. The answer to our woes? This comfy meets chic zip-up pair. These athletic sneaks are the perfect addition to any of your travel outfits, and the zip-up feature makes them easy to throw on and off no matter what your travel plans include.

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Baseball Cap

Chances are, at some point in your trip, you're going to want a hat (be it for a less-than-ideal hair day or a sunny beach day). Rather than packing it, wearing it for your flight is ideal. Not only will it add to your "celeb hiding from paparazzi" vibe, but it'll also allow you to feel a bit more put-together for the entire day of traveling.

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Oversized Crew

When it comes to a travel 'fit, the simpler, the better. Planes generally run cooler, so having layers available is ideal. Throw on a plain crewneck over a T-shirt so you have the option to take it off if you're hot or put it on if you get chilly.

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High Waist Dad Jeans

The jeans-vs.-leggings plane debate runs deep, but if you're someone who wants to opt for jeans instead of leggings or sweats on a plane, make sure they're comfortable. This relaxed, looser pair is perfect both for a day of travel and for styling on your trip.

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While you can always travel with a tote, we feel a bit more partial to traveling with a backpack. Not only is it easier to carry, but it'll also keep all your possessions contained without the risk of spilling out when it's stored under the seat.

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Mesh Pouch Trio

The first step to feeling like that girl while traveling? Keeping your things organized. Rather than throwing everything into a bag willy-nilly (guilty), opt for these nifty mesh bags and designate each with a theme. One for chargers, one for beauty products, one for your travel documents—you get the jist. The best part? You'll be able to clearly see what's in each one without sifting through it.

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Silk Mask

Planes still require masks for travel, which means that you'll want one that is comfortable to wear all day. This silk one won't irritate your skin and has drawstrings around the ears so you can adjust it.

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Perfume Rollerball

There's nothing worse than feeling a little stale after a day of travel. Keep a travel-size of your favorite perfume with you so you can freshen up when you need to.

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Glowly Balm

High altitude = dry skin, which means your lips are going to need some extra TLC throughout the day. Keep this cult-favorite lip balm handy to reapply throughout the day (trust us, this one is front-pocket-of-your-bag worthy).

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What's cooler than over-the-ear headphones? Nothing—especially when traveling. If you don't want to shell out the cash on the Apple ones, this white pair is an office favorite and looks just as cool.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Vionic Shoes, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.