5 Comfortable Bottoms to Wear if You’re Sick of Jeans

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Jeans are the hero of dressing—a staple we cannot minimize the importance of. If you had to list off the pieces in your closet that serve as the foundation of your wardrobe, there’s no way jeans wouldn’t make it into the top three. But sometimes, putting them on is simply too tall a task, and that’s where jean alternatives come in.

There are dozens of ways to style an outfit sans jeans, regardless of if it’s for comfort or just to switch it up. One of the best trends of the past couple of years is that pants have gotten looser and more relaxed, which is something we’re taking advantage of this fall (hello, wide-leg trousers).

Put your denim on pause and switch up your fall wardrobe with these five denim alternatives. Trust us: They’ll be closet staples in no time.


1. Trousers

At this point, trousers are as common a pant to wear as your classic jeans are. This year’s version is relaxed, a bit oversized, and ultra-comfortable. Style your outfit as you would with your favorite jeans, but swap your denim for a pair of trousers to achieve that effortlessly cool Matilda Djerf style.



2. Cargo pants

In case you haven’t heard, cargo pants are back. Before you scoff and write them off, hear us out. The utilitarian vibe they add to an outfit is quintessentially cool, and they’ll bring a little more oomph to a look than jeans. Paired with a sweater, a blazer, or even a hoodie, you won’t want to take them off all season.


3. Knit pants

Sometimes comfort is our top priority, but that doesn’t mean we must resign ourselves to our black leggings. Opt for a pair of wide-leg knit pants that serve as elevated loungewear to wear inside and outside of the house. Bonus points: Opt for a matching knitwear set like the one above.


4. Maxi skirt

A skirt is always your best bet when you don’t want to deal with pants. Maxi skirts are back in style and are perfect for throwing on no matter where your day’s headed: working in the office, going out for drinks, you name it. 


5. Mini skirt

If you’re looking for a transitional piece to wear over the next couple of months, make it a mini skirt. There are a million ways to style them, and they are a foolproof way to add an element of sophistication to your fall looks. The best part? Once it gets chilly out, you can add tights and wear them through the cooler months.

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