Are You a Meghan or a Kate?

In 2018, I can only be sure of one thing — someone, somewhere, will inevitably ask you the following question: Are you a Kate or a Meghan?

We’ve exhausted the question in The Everygirl office and we’ve all taken sides. The pants-loving, messy-bunned among us declare strongly for Meghan while our more classic, chic-is-a-refined-art-form foils remain firmly in the Kate camp. We even have a few dark horses. “You’re definitely a Meghan,” I volley at my desk mate and she fires back immediately: “Exsquozz, I’m a Kate, obviously.”

No matter your loyalty, we can all agree. These two are happening af. Every time I turn around, there is another fierce photo of one or both, kitted out in natty finery and tossing a coy smile in the camera’s direction. They are both averaging like 12 outfits a day and we are all blessed for it. To celebrate our current favorite duo, we put together a roundup of our favorite looks from each — plus scroll to the bottom for a little quiz to test whether you’re more Kate or Meghan. Fill out our template and upload it to your Instagram stories! Don’t forget to tag us. 


Tailored Trousers or a Structured Skirt or Dress?

Meghan is all about the pants (I’m right there with her, give me pants or give me death), while Kate prefers classic pencil skirt or A-line type silhouettes with structure.


Distressed denim or a chic crop?

I ride for a good sheath dress as much as the next girl (probably more, tbh), but I personally love seeing the royals step out in casual wear. Meghan gets a little more relaxed with looser styles and distressed jeans, while Kate keeps it more pulled together with classic stripes and her trusty Superga sneakers. Meghan’s the Madewell to Kate’s J.Crew, if you will.


To sleeve or not to sleeve?

Kate prefers a well-placed sleeve (as a future Queen, this seems very on brand) — love this fluttering option below — while Meghan frequently goes for the bold statement of a bare arm. Can’t get enough of both of them rocking vibrant shades — leave it to Kate and Meghan to prove that traffic-stopping yellow is perfect for summer.


Structured clutch or roomier handbag?

Kate’s love for tiny clutches is well-known, while Meghan prefers an actual bag — either structured, crossbody, or tote.


Messy and tousled or sleek and pulled together?

Meghan’s messy bun look instantly became iconic, but we still ride hard for Kate’s glossy, not-a-hair-out-of-place style too. SO HARD TO CHOOSE.


No doubt here: a statement-making coat is essential

Both Kate and Meghan know the importance of a well-placed coat — they both show off bold, well-tailored styles. #CoatPorn, amiright.