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Area Rugs Under $300


The easiest way to set the tone of your space is with large pieces to anchor the room. Rugs are a quick way to refresh your space, but finding rugs to love that are also affordable can be a challenge. So, we’ve scoured the Internet to round up a few of our favorites under $300.

Bold Color and Pattern

Photo via SF Girl by Bay

For the bold gals among us who love color and a little something extra in her space, concentrate the color in specific places like with a rug and throw pillows. Remember, a little color can go a long way. This living space has the high impact pink strategically placed.

Our picks:
Black Striped Rug$20 – $300 (up to 8 x 10)
Antiqued Rug$90 – $280 (up to 6’7 x 9’6)
Elodie Rug$225 – $299 (3 x 5 or 2’6 x 8)

Natural Materials

Photo via Nicety

Variation in texture can make a room sing. Natural materials like cowhide, jute, wool and sheepskin will keep even the most pristine spaces a little grounded to give off that cozy home feel.

Our picks:
Cowhide Rug, $199 (5 x 6’5)
Chevron Jute Rug$147 (5 x 8) use code RUGS70 at checkout
Sheepskin Rug, $79 – $199 (up to 2 x 6)

Neutral Colors

Photo by Victoria Solomon

If you’re not all about color and consider a rug to be an investment pieces, neutrals are for you. You’ll be able to take this versatile rug to your next place and the next, even if you change out a few decor pieces surrounding it here and there.

Our picks:
Moroccan Wedding Rug$90 (3 x 5)
Diamond Shag Rug$84 – $231 (up to 5 x 8) use code RUGS70 at checkout
Tribal Print Rug, $72 – $263 (up to 4 x 6)