August Horoscopes: What’s in Store for Your Zodiac Sign This Month

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR

August is here, which (unfortunately) means that summer’s starting to wind down. Hopefully, you spent lots of time at the beach and chilling at rooftop bars with friends and an Aperol spritz. 

But if you haven’t, don’t worry—it’s Leo season, so there’s still plenty of time to party before hardworking, practical Virgo season (and fall) sets in. 

Here’s what to expect for August, based on your sign.


The Month at a Glance

August 4: Mercury enters Virgo at the start of the month. You may feel more intentional with how you communicate with people during this time. 

August 11: Venus enters Leo, making everyone feel extra creative, outgoing, and prone to big gestures of affection. There’s also a full moon in Aquarius on this day. With the moon opposing Venus, you may be feeling really emotional right now or have difficulty expressing your feelings. 

August 20: Mars moves into Gemini. You may find it difficult to complete tasks during this time and could instead be flipping back and forth between lots of projects.

August 24: Virgo season begins on August 24. Virgo’s vibes (grounded, practical) are pretty much the opposite of Leo’s (outgoing, fun-loving), so this season will feel very different.

August 25: Mercury moves into Libra on August 25. You might not feel as comfortable speaking your mind and could fall into people-pleasing tendencies. 

August 27: The month ends with a new moon in Virgo. You may feel more motivated to start new projects or get yourself organized now.


August will be a time for you to enjoy yourself. During Leo season, you’ll be spending more time with friends and going on lots of dates. If you’re already in a relationship, you might decide to have more frequent date nights or plan a fun activity for you and your partner. Around the full moon, you could join a club or group of other people with the same hobby as you, like a book club. You might also decide to cut out people that don’t fit with your life anymore. With your ruler Mars moving into Gemini, you might be motivated to speak your mind (even more than usual) with someone you’re dating. When Virgo season begins, you might want to start getting back to a regular routine after all the fun you had during Leo season.


picked just for you, Aries


You’ll be spending more time at home or with family during Leo season. You could be taking a trip with your fam or visiting them, or you might just want to stay at your house and relax. The full moon in Aquarius will have you wanting to work from home or purge stuff you don’t need from your closets. Virgo season at the end of the month might make you feel a little more social, and you may decide to host friends at your place. You could also feel like changing up your home decor.


picked just for you, Taurus


You’ll be feeling very chatty during Leo season. You might decide to speak up more at work or let others know how you feel instead of trying to please people. You could also be gossiping more, so watch out for that so you don’t end up saying something you shouldn’t. Around the full moon, you might be discussing travel plans with friends or family, or you might be working on a long-term communications project, like a big presentation for work or school. Then at the end of the month when Virgo season starts, you could find yourself talking to or hanging out with family members more.


picked just for you, Gemini


Watch out for your spending habits during Leo season. You might decide to go on a shopping spree or splurge on something you’ve had your eye on. On the flip side, you could make some extra money outside of your job, like from selling things you don’t need anymore. With the full moon in Aquarius, you could get a raise at work or money from somewhere unexpected. If you did end up buying way too many things during Leo season, Virgo season will be a good opportunity for you to try to save up by staying home more.


picked just for you, Cancer


Leo season is your time to shine, which is what you do best. You’ll be getting a lot of attention and feeling free to express yourself. And when Venus, the planet of love, enters Leo, you’ll feel extra lucky. This is also a great time to date since all eyes will be on you. With the full moon in Aquarius, you could be extra focused on your love life, or you might finally feel comfortable being yourself around your significant other or close friends. With the month ending in Virgo, you might be feeling calmer after the whirlwind of Leo season, but you might also be spending more.


picked just for you, Leo


During Leo season, you might feel more inclined to let yourself rest and recharge before Virgo season begins, when you’ll have a lot more going on. You could be more focused on yourself this month and trying to prioritize self-care. Especially around the full moon, you could find yourself trying to get more sleep or work out more. The new moon in Virgo at the end of the month is a great time to figure out what you want out of the upcoming year.


picked just for you, Virgo


Leo season is essentially party season for you. You’ll have tons of social activities going on during this time, from hanging out with friends to dating to collaborating with coworkers. Around the full moon in the middle of the month, you might be setting up a romantic date night or figuring out where things stand with you and someone you’re dating. You’ll basically be trying to get all your social energy out before Virgo season starts when you’ll be more introverted. 


picked just for you, Libra


You’ll be very focused on your career this month. You could be getting more attention at work, or you might be asked to take on more responsibility. When Venus enters Leo, you could even get a raise or be promoted, or you could receive a job offer from somewhere you’ve been interviewing. Around the full moon in Aquarius, the extra time you’ve spent working could catch up to you, and you might want to stay home more to relax. Then at the end of the month when Virgo season starts, you may have more projects that involve teamwork at work or school.


picked just for you, Scorpio


You’ll be feeling curious this month. You might be trying to learn some new skills or information that could help you at your job, which you’ll be more focused on when Virgo season begins. Or you may be interested in new genres or decide to start reading one of the books that have been on your shelf for months. And aside from traditional learning, you could be visiting a museum or taking a trip somewhere totally new to you and learning about different cultures.


picked just for you, Sagittarius


During Leo season, you could be spending more time with the people close to you—friends, family, significant others, and even coworkers if you’re close to any. Around the full moon in Aquarius, you could decide to start a side hustle with a friend. Or you might be dealing with money issues with family members or talking to your manager about getting a raise. And when Virgo season starts, you might be thinking about planning a trip with friends or your significant other.


picked just for you, Capricorn


This month will be about your relationships with others and yourself. During Leo season, you might make things official with someone you’re dating, or you could be focused on how to improve relationships in your life. The time period around the full moon will bring up realizations about what’s actually important to you for the upcoming year. You may be trying to get rid of anything in your life you don’t need or don’t make you happy. By the end of the month, you could be getting to know your significant other better (or the person you’ve been dating).


picked just for you, Aquarius


You’ll be thinking about your health (mental and physical) and habits during Leo season to prepare for Virgo season when you’ll be more focused on others. You might be trying to get up earlier so you have time to get errands out of the way before work, or you could be trying to organize yourself at work or at home. You could decide to start going to a workout class to keep you motivated. The full moon may have you wanting to spend more time at home to relax or save money.


picked just for you, Pisces